Bookstore thief falls off Leavey Center bridge on Sunday in escape attempt

On Sunday, a man who had shoplifted merchandise from the University Bookstore fell off the Leavey Center pedestrian bridge during his attempt to flee the scene. The incident happened on a Sunday afternoon, after the suspect had been confronted for trying to steal from the bookstore, University Spokesperson Andy Pino wrote in an e-mail.

A Department of Public Safety investigator who spoke on the condition of anonymity told Vox that the man was not a student, nor does he have any connection to the University. Pino and Rocco DelMonaco, the vice president for University safety, said that the suspect sustained injuries while trying to escape that needed hospital attention. DPS has turned the case over to the Metropolitan Police Department, which has not responded to requests for comment.

Update: Joseph Smith, the associate director of the Public Safety Department, sent more details in an e-mail: “According to witnesses, the perpetrator had attempted to steal two text books valued at $177 dollars each from the Leavey Book Store. He allegedly fled from the bookstore, dropped a duffel bag containing the books, and jumped over the side of the bridge.”

Based on interviews with four University sources, Vox originally reported that the suspect jumped off the bridge. Eyewitnesses have since told the Voice that the suspect fell attempting to climb down the bridge. The post has been altered to reflect the new information.

13 Comments on “Bookstore thief falls off Leavey Center bridge on Sunday in escape attempt

  1. @Tim: i know what you mean. maybe he’s a desperate grad student at another university who’s so strapped for cash that he just got that desperate?

  2. Tend to miss the hilarity here. Having been one of the first to attend to the man after he jumped, perhaps it is easier to sympathize with the guy who probably broke both of his legs. And maybe at Georgetown we can do a little better than laughing at the sort of desperation that causes someone to steal textbooks?

  3. Darwin Awards are specifically for those who “do a service to Humanity by removing themselves from the gene pool.” Unless he landed in a particularly awkward position, I imagine he retains the ability to procreate.

  4. “A Department of Public Safety investigator” is your source? What shoddy journalism. You either granted anonymity for no reason, which is an ethical violation, or you didn’t bother to get the officer’s name, which is just idiotic.

  5. hey fact-checker, I don’t think there’s anything unethical about granting anonymity. it might make the source less credible, but I’m pretty sure that it’s fairly common practice to grant anonymity to “Department of Public Safety investigators” and the like, as most probably wouldn’t talk to reporters without it. furthermore, explain to me how four sources, only one of which is unnamed, constitutes “shoddy journalism.”

    seriously, nitpicking on a blog is one thing, being a f**king idiot while you’re doing it is another.

  6. How is that shoddy journalism? DPS officers were some of the first people on the scene, and probably conducted a preliminary investigation. Granting anonymity isn’t an ethical violation at all. If the officer asked to remain anonymous, it seems like common courtesy to allow him or her that option.

  7. How about you go and jump off the bridge (for trying to steal away the value from someone’s more than adequate journalism). Too soon? I don’t think so.

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