Georgetown University will be closed on Wednesday, February 10

Vox is passing on the word: George Washington University student Kyle Boyer has challenged Georgetown to an interschool snowball fight tomorrow in Rose Park, at 26th and O Streets, at 2:00 p.m.:

Let’s do it! We won’t deign to play them in basketball, so we might as well beat them on the snow battlefield. The location was selected by Georgetown alum and Washington City Paper reporter Mike DeBonis, so you know it’s neutral territory.

Vox has updated its Georgetown in the Snow photo album with new submissions! We’re still accepting photos, so send your snow pics to, Tweet them @GtownVoice, or join the Voice Flickr group and upload your best shots!


CURRENT STATUS: CLOSED (effective for February 9, 2010) Georgetown University is closed on Tuesday, February 9, 2010, and will remain closed on Wednesday, February 10, 2010.

Enjoy your third snow day!

4 Comments on “Georgetown University will be closed on Wednesday, February 10

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  3. A friend forwarded me O’Donnell’s email about the school closing, and I’ve got to say, it has some great moments:

    “Some main streets and
    roads are in nearly decent shape, but there are surprising pockets of
    failure even on “snow emergency routes”


    “With a little more time on our hands, can we be inventive
    and imaginative and find ways to keep the semester moving forward,
    even on a thick layer of ice and snow? I look forward to hearing
    about the experiments and victories that ensue.”

    & also:

    “Many others, including staff in dining and residence
    life, the students of the Corp and GERMS, the shovelers and plowers
    and many others in facilities services, and the officers and staff of
    DPS — and I wish I could be sure I’m not forgetting anybody! — are
    still keeping the campus safe and comfortable during this time, and we
    owe them all our warmest thanks.”

    Good to know that the administration is at least having some fun with this shit. Jimmy O isn’t Shakespeare but you’ve got to admit, his prose soars at points.

    Have fun and kick some Colonial keester.

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