Georgetown gets its own “Hitler finds out…” video

Not content to let John Hopkins outdo us, Georgetown now has its own Downfall blizzard reaction video.

While the kids at JHU assumed Hitler would be outraged by the cancellation of classes, the Georgetown version—created by Vox‘s favorite Tweeter, King Georgetown—takes the meme a different direction, showing the Fuhrer’s response to Provost James O’Donnell’s decision to hold classes on President’s Day:

9 Comments on “Georgetown gets its own “Hitler finds out…” video

  1. The Johns Hopkins version makes them all look like a bunch of insecure assholes…. the King’s version is actually funny.

  2. I just died a little. Which is really saying something considering I am not in any state to appreciate anything after going out hard last night to cope with the loss of Monday’s holiday.

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  4. really.. you georgetown kids are complaining that you have no school on president’s day? every real university in the United States still has class on president’s day.

  5. really.. you hopkins kids are complaining about a georgetown kid’s video on a georgetown blog? every normal student in the United States would recognize a joke and leave well enough alone.

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  7. just watched the johns hopkins one… this is ten times funnier. great job!

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