January Campus Crime Watch

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January was a particularly violent month at Georgetown. Not because the number of crime incidents surged—there were 29 crimes reported for January in the Department of Public Safety’s Daily Crime log, which is about even with September and November, and nowhere near October, when 52 crimes were reported—but because the number of more serious incidents increased from months where there were a comparable number of crimes.

  • A hit-and-run occurred at the Prospect Street gate which did not end in a trip to the emergency room.
  • Three cases of harassment were reported this month. In one, a student in Copley Hall received notes with offensive language; in another, someone received profane and harassing text messages; in the third case, someone in the New South Facilities building received annoying radio transmissions. All three cases are under investigation.

  • As usual, there were plenty of thefts and shoplifting incidents this month—a total of 15. The man who fell from the Leavey Center bridge was just one of three shoplifters who purloined textbooks from the bookstore.

    Four laptops went missing and one cell phone; in two cases electronic equipment was stolen from a school building, in three cases cash, a wallet, or checks were stolen from unsecured rooms. The lesson is clear: stop leaving your stuff lying around.

    In one case, a student reported that his or her watch had been stolen from his or her Village C East residence. “Case closed,” reads the log. “The complainant found the watch.” Was this a case of look-before-you-accuse-fellow-students?

  • There were two drug violations, both marijuana, and two cases of public indecency, both public urination. The description of one case of public urination is a gross reminder that DPS officers sometimes have an aggravating job to do: “The suspect was identified and escorted back to his residence.”
  • One burglary occurred in which two males entered a student’s room, touched her hand, and left when she screamed.

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