Philly Pizza is issued a notice to vacate premises

Looks like that’s it, Philly Pizza fans. On Friday, the fast-food favorite was issued a ‘notice to discontinue illegal use of premises,’ pictured after the jump, in accordance with the BZA decision made on Tuesday to shut the establishment down.

The notice informs the owners that “Philly Pizza must immediately cease operations at 1211 Potomac Street NW, upon service of this Notice. If DCRA determines that Philly Pizza is continuing, after service of the Notice, to operate at these premises, DCRA will request that the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia seek emergency injunctive relief in the D.C. Superior Court, on or after February 22, 2010.”

Thanks to Topher Mathews of Georgetown Metropolitan for sending us the doc!

“Comments of the Week” will run tomorrow

Philly Pizza Notice

8 Comments on “Philly Pizza is issued a notice to vacate premises

  1. I BLAME GUSA. this is absolutely their fault. they promised to protect our power of the pizza! failures. throw the incumbents out of office.

  2. this is what they get for moving further away from campus and bringing in the rowdy m street scene. i’m glad

  3. I called. they will be open today. once last drunk slice of philly p’s, here I come!

    tis a sad day for georgetown

  4. Just to set the record straight, they moved because the landlord was foreclosed on and the building was condemned by the city at their old location. You really think Philly Ps wanted to move FARTHER from drunk kids?

    RIP, Philly. We’ll miss you.

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