Twuesday Tweetacular: GUSA Elections, Philly P, and meta-Tweeting

GUSA Elections have begun. Kelly Sawyers has no faith that they’ll go off without a hitch.

For Jillian Falbe, Arman Ismail’s affinity for Batman decided her vote.

Former Voice staffer John Cooke was won over by a write-in favorite.

Kristen Janiszewski thinks that Quick Pita is going to take the place of the late Philly Pizza, beloved late-night greasespot. We’re not so sure.

Georgetown invited followers…

…Only to be mocked by the King of Georgetown.

And the Voice‘s Daniel Cook had a criticism for Twuesday Tweetacular. Touché.

8 Comments on “Twuesday Tweetacular: GUSA Elections, Philly P, and meta-Tweeting

  1. not to totally ruin your point, but the election uses an instant runoff system…so there won’t be more than one round of voting

  2. rest assured, if there is a way for the voting to go wrong, it will. for a reference: see the past 3 years.

  3. yet again, this is the first year we’ve had a instant runoff voting system, so the past 3 years are meaningless.

  4. no, we’ve had instant runoff before, and instant runoff itself has been the cause of consternation – see: alphabetizing candidates.

  5. This is the first year we’ve had (1) instant runoff voting, and (2) an election commission accountable to GUSA, instead of an election commissioner being the secretary of the Senior Class Committee.

    Two has been much more problematic than one, because the old ECs at times didn’t take the time (or care) about learning the election code, informing members of GUSA in advance to spot any problems, etc.

    No reported problems yet.

  6. I haven’t voted yet. Which slate promises to allocate GUSA funds to defend Philly Pizza?? I’d think $100,000 would help with legal bills. Put your money where your mouth is Hoyas!

  7. You are right, we’ve had instant run off before and its been fucked up due to alphabetizing and the effect it has on people’s 2nd choices.

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