Columbia Height’s Simply Soles is moving to M Street in Georgetown

Simply Soles, a women’s shoe store located in Columbia Heights, is abandoning its current location and moving to 3222 M Street NW in Georgetown, Prince of Petworth reports.

A letter PP received from the owner, Kassie Kempel, suggested she thought business would be better for her in Georgetown, where she says she can get the same rental rates as she pays in Columbia Heights now.

Vox hope she brings that adorable storefront getup with her, but we have our suspicions about this new store’s business practices. Commenters on PP‘s post chided the store for never being open.

In other Georgetown retail news, Commander Salamander, which had originally planned to close in January, is not shutting its doors after all, at least for now.

Carol Joynt reports that she’s received word that the store is remaining open, and an employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed it for Vox.

“There’s no date at which we expect to close,” the employee said. “We’re just hanging on.”

2 Comments on “Columbia Height’s Simply Soles is moving to M Street in Georgetown

  1. It’s Columbia Heights. So possessive would be Columbia Heights’.

  2. I am the owner of SimplySoles and feel I should explain why our doors were locked in Columbia Heights (addressing your “questionable business practices” comment). Columbia Heights is a fabulous neighborhood, but it’s transitioning. My staff and I were threatened several times. Accordingly, for our safety, we locked the doors and put a note on the door in very clear and plain writing, to knock for assistance. We were there.

    We look forward to being in Georgetown and to have our doors open, and unlocked.

    Please join us on Saturday, March 6th for our grand opening celebration from 1 to 5. We are located in the old Ann Taylor space just across from Anthropologie in the Shops at Georgetown Park.

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