Comments of the Week: The omnipotent, supreme commander of GUSA sucks at baseball

Joe C didn’t see any point to it when GUSA President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) won reelection:

Why do we have GUSA elections every year? Isn’t Matt Stoller the secret Omnipotent Supreme Commander of GUSA?

A Voice commenter on our post about high GUSA voting turnout prompted Tim to defend a daddy-issue-plagued GUSA:

“The Voice is like the cold, emotionless, and disapproving father to GUSA. Nothing is ever good enough. WHY WON’T YOU LOVE ME DADDY?”

Daddy replied:

“Because you’re not. good. at. BASEBALL!”

When he or she read that the Voice may have caused a rash of drug violations, ? didn’t understand how we could be so cruel:

Why would the Voice write an article calling attention to how lenient our drug policy is here? Not cool. Seriously.

jacob didn’t appreciate Washington City Paper telling D.C. residents to hijack the free Internet at Lauinger Library:

This is part of the reason I wish Lau would block sites like hulu. I’m trying to find a computer for write my paper and their all taken by 40 year old bums watching family guy.

@jacob had a slight correction to make:

Those are called grad students.

Chris D chafed when Vox disqualified his entry from our haiku contest:

“I guess I’m just not constrained by your strict Haiku structures. I’m really more from the Kobayashi Issa school of Haiku. You’d know who that was if you were a CULP major.”

And Alex chimed in with refreshing brevity on the debate surrounding the “Plan A Hoyas” campaign:

“You know who’s lustfully enslaved to sexual desires? People without a healthy outlet for them.”

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