“I will really sell this piece of shit”: Georgetown Law grad selling his degree on Craigslist for $59,250

“This is actually a serious post. I will really sell this piece of shit.”

Those are the words of a disillusioned graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center graduate who on Wednesday posted an offer to sell his GULC degree “for the bargain basement price of $59,250″ on Craigslist. Why? And, what might incline you to buy it off of him?

“After several years of practicing law I have come to the conclusion that my law degree is useless and I don’t want to be a lawyer anymore. ….

“This priceless collectible will permit you to be surrounded by hobby-less assholes whose entire life is dictated by billing by the hour and being anal dickheads. Additionally, this piece of paper has the amazing ability to keep you from doing what you really want to do in life, all in the name of purported prestige and financial success. Finally, girls in the Marina will swoon with retarded thoughts of sugar daddy when they hear you went to XXX prestigious law school and are a lawyer.”

“Act now as supplies are limited and this crap takes three years to make. DISCLAIMER: this piece of shit isn’t even written in English. It’s in Latin or something, but I have the translation. It says “Haha. We took your tuition money bitch, now suck it. Sincerely, President of the University.”

Vox contacted the seller, who confirmed for us that he is indeed selling a Georgetown Law Degree for the value of his outstanding student loans. Yup, that’s our seal. If you squint, you can make out President John DeGioia’s signature, too.

“So far I’ve received an offer for $200 and at least two dozens offers to buy me drinks. Another guy offered to give me an Ipod Nano.  One girl told me I’m her soul mate and that she wants to go on a date.  The best offer was from a documentary filmmaker who offered to give me $50 to piss on my diploma and then set it on fire. Unless I get something better I’ll probably accept this offer,” he wrote in an e-mail to us.

“I’m assuming this is legal, but what do I know, I’m a retired lawyer now. I should probably ask a real lawyer,” he continued. What is he going to do now? “I have no idea what I want to do right now other than sitting on a beach drinking beer.”

The seller, a San Francisco-Bay Area attorney, thought the origin of the degree might contribute to its appeal:

“Added Bonus: It’s from one of those elitist BS institutions that accept people like George W. Bush cause their daddy donated $20 million i.e. Cornell, Penn, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Georgetown, Duke, Tijuana Tech, etc. Instead of donating $20 million you can have it for the low low price of $59,250 or best offer.”

Within two days, his post has inspired another attorney to sell his JD for an even lower price.

“Mine is written in English, and there is no translation needed: ‘This useless piece of shit will do nothing for you. The President of the University thanks you for grabbing your ankles for the past couple of years. Good luck, dip shit.’ No-Added Bonus: Because this piece of shit is not from a prestigious elitist institution it’s even more worthless than one that is.”

Having astronomical student loans is awful, but Vox had no idea that being a lawyer makes it so much worse.

Via Above the Law

15 Comments on ““I will really sell this piece of shit”: Georgetown Law grad selling his degree on Craigslist for $59,250

  1. Guess the new curve doesn’t benefit him…

  2. “It’s in Latin or something.” Spoken like someone who will have a fine career at Wal-Mart.

  3. sounds like someone should have done their homework….

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  5. Looks to me like he has internalized the number one lesson of being a lawyer quite well: always blame somebody else whenever something goes wrong.

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  7. While this is sort of funny and while I will still come to feel for him in a few years (when I start paying off my law school debt), this guys strikes me as rather obnoxious. I think most people in the world would like to sit on a beach all day drinking beer, but thats not really an option for them, is it? Also, most of them don’t have the luxury of a law degree from a law school either.

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  10. What an idiot you are. Urinating on your diploma! Very impressive, classy, and quite a mature reaction to whatever failures you have experienced. If you didn’t cut the mustard with your firm, or if you don’t like your career, change it. Georgetown was extremely difficult to get in to, extremely difficult to pay for, and extremely difficult to graduate from, but Georgetown Law School gave me a premiere education and set of opportunities which have served me well during my 30+ years since graduation. Shut up please, and go to drama school. Going to Harvard or Yale or Georgetown or Stanford does not guarantee you success. Surely, I have encountered a few embarrassing morons from top schools, most with inflated senses of entitlement dangerously coupled with a lack of ability,probably graduating very near the bottom of their class and having the social skills of an armadillo. Most all of the graduates I know from top schools are intelligent, admirable, hard working and wear the banner of their alma mater with pride, though that is clearly not the case with you. Though we haven’t met, guess I am adding one more moron to that short list of exceptions.

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  12. This guy is the shirt bird…what a turd, he went to law school because of some external pressure (family,society,$,girls.etc) thats what he gets..im sure in the beginning of college being a lawyer wasn’t even on his top 3 of career choices, but then he sold out. changes are he can still make going tog-town land him a “good job”..btw ive read recently that 60% of law school grads are not in law 5yrs after graduating.

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