Georgetown University Board of Directors approve 3% tuition hike

The Georgetown University Board of Directors have approved a 3 percent tuition increase and 2 percent increase in room and board charges for the 2010-2011 school year, Blue and Gray is reporting.

The increases will bring the cost of tuition up to $39,768 from this year’s $38,616, and the total cost of a Georgetown education for the year will increase to $52,443.

“We understand that the lagging economy is having a real impact on our students and their families,” Provost James O’Donnell said. “These uncertain times require that we balance the need to limit tuition growth with the university’s commitment to supporting our top notch faculty and providing exceptional academic programs and services.”

Blue and Gray notes that hikes increase next year’s total cost of attending Georgetown by less than 3 percent of this year’s cost. The Board also approved an 8 percent increase of the school’s financial aid budget to accommodate the more than 55 percent of students who draw from financial aid every year.

Tuition has increased at Georgetown’s other schools, too. At the Medical Center, for instance, the cost a degree in medicine has increased from $42,803 to $43,616. An MBA student’s annual tuition will rise from $41,952 to $45,984. And it will cost $45,105 a year to pursue a law degree, up from $43,750. (Of course, those can be sold). You can see all the tuition changes here (PDF).

Last year around this time, the Board approved a 2.9 percent tuition hike. They cited the recession then, too, and pointed out that it was the smallest tuition increase Georgetown had ever imposed. Last year, the increase was coupled with an 18 percent increase in the need-based scholarship budget.

7 Comments on “Georgetown University Board of Directors approve 3% tuition hike

  1. I might note for the record, that this is about in line with the CPI-U, which has risen 2.6% from a year ago

  2. “accommodate the more than 55 percent of students who draw from financial aid every year”

    if over HALF of the student body already needs financial aid, what makes the board of directors think it’s okay to raise the cost of tuition?? For shame.

  3. Room and board should never go up. As is, we pay way too much for the spaces we live in and to think of the poor freshmen who will have to pay 2% more to live in Darnall. Unconscionable.

  4. Who cares if GU’s tuition hikes are some of the smallest increases they’ve ever done if they do it every year?

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