UIS completes massive data transfer to help Haiti rebuild

Say what you will about University Information Services. Recently, in a period of four days, they transferred 1.2 terabytes of data—or 1.2 million books, or 12 percent of the Library of Congress—containing satellite images and “aerial geographical data” of Haiti that’s now being flown to Port-au-Prince, the Office of Communications is reporting.

The images will help the Haitian government assess the damage done to their country by the devastating January 12 earthquake and its aftershock, and provide USAID with information they will need for reconstruction efforts.

Georgetown was approached to man the project by officials at the World Bank. UIS Associate Vice President Ardoth Hassler said that they were approached because of the University’s “well-known institutional commitment to service.”

“I am truly thankful for the amazing response of Georgetown University in facilitating the transfer of this data to Haiti,” Stuart Gill of the World Bank’s Disaster Risk Management Office for Latin America and the Caribbean said. “Through their efforts we were able to provide critical information to the Haitian government and relief organizations on the ground that will assist in rebuilding this country after such a devastating loss.”

6 Comments on “UIS completes massive data transfer to help Haiti rebuild

  1. This can’t be serious. It’s April 1, right? RIGHT?

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of data and no small accomplishment. It shows that if UIS really wants to do something they can get it done. If they could do that in four days, I can’t wait to use the new wireless in Walsh next week. or not.

  3. Exactly. In a way, this is a phenomenal accomplishment and something to really be proud of. In another way, it is depressing because it shows what UIS is capable of.

  4. If they can do this, then why is it that every time a laptop breaks down they don’t seem to know why?

  5. Good deeds, and I hope other institutions follow Georgetown’s lead.

    However, GU should really check their facts before randomly citing facts. The Library of Congress has 145 million items, about 35 million books. The 1.2 million book donation is a little less than 12% of the Library’s photographs collection, or the large print/braille/incunabula/etc… collection. But less than 1% of the Library of Congress.

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