Vox Talks: Plan A Hoyas

This week, Vox caught up with students to ask them what they thought about the demands of the Plan A Hoyas campaign.

7 Comments on “Vox Talks: Plan A Hoyas

  1. The first person who is not pro-Plan A, the guy who’s in the still image of the video, sounds like an idiot when he uses the word “conducive” to provide contraceptives but never says its conducive to what.

  2. He’s obviously responding to a statement. Don’t you hear the other person talking?

  3. Some of these students don’t seem to understand that, as a Jesuit university, Georgetown cannot promote contraceptives without risking being stripped of its identity as a Catholic institution by the Vatican. There is no way the administration would take that risk. Moreover, it’s not necessary that it do so; students are more than capable of walking down to CVS to buy their condoms and to read the instructions on the box if they honestly don’t know how to use them. As for educating them on how to avoid STIs, isn’t it clear enough that practicing safe sex or abstinence is the solution?

    Of course, the university can and does allow dialogue. But it would never allow condoms to be sold on campus.

  4. This video seems pretty biased. The only people who we see that say anything that might be taken as against Plan A are either vague and kind of wishy washy (conducive guy) or vague and soft spoken (the two at the start outside White Gravenor), and like half the video is the president of Hoyas for Choice.
    People who come to Georgetown are making the choice to do so knowing full well that as a Jesuit university the school neither supports pre-marital sex nor the use of contraceptives. They choose, then, to break these values (this seems like kind of a shame, but you can’t force someone at your school to share your ideals) by having sex and then in a bizarre twist call upon Georgetown to provide condoms and other contraceptives to support their behavior, behavior which the university regards as wrong and hurtful. Its basically like saying, “Hey Georgetown, we’re gonna act against your principles and now we demand that you break another one of your principals to support our breaking the first and also cover our ass.”
    That being said, problems with the availability of Gardisil and good transportation to the one hospital in DC that is legally allowed to carry rape kits seem perfectly valid. But these would require dialogue in an reasoned manner and mutual attempts to understand each other. The current plan A stuff is instead inflammatory and attempts to deride Georgetown as unjust and unreasonable. If anything I think that it is this sort of stuff that stifles dialogue, not the university sticking to its principles.

  5. “Hey Georgetown, we’re gonna act against your principles and now we demand that you break another one of your principals to support our breaking the first and also cover our ass.”

    Spelling the same word differently within a sentence is one symptom of ADHD. You should look into that.

  6. @Doctor Haha, why would you make a comment like that? What’s the point?

  7. Peter, it’s just people helping people.

    Now that I actually took the time to watch the video:

    1 “Safe sex is really important for youths of our age.” Who does this girl think she is, George W Bush?

    2 It really always astonishes me how many people don’t know how to put a condom on. It’s like literally the most intuitive thing I can imagine (with the exception of pinching the tip — that can get messy!)

    3 Watching this video did not lead me to believe that courses on Catholic ethics should be required, but rather public speaking.

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