Georgetown School of Continuing Studies to offer degrees in disability studies

The School of Continuing Studies has started a program that will offer a master of professional studies and advanced professional certificate in disability studies, the University announced yesterday. The program, “for students who want to explore the many roles of disability in social, cultural, historical and political contexts,” will launch this fall.

“One aspect of our school’s mission is to provide programs that answer today’s biggest societal needs,” School of Continuing Studies Dean Robert Manuel said, according to Blue and Gray. “The disability studies program will bring the industry’s top experts into the classroom exposing students to the most current political, societal, financial and emotional issues surrounding this growing and important career field.”

The new program grew out of Georgetown’s Center for Child and Human Development. Students pursuing either degree in the new program will have the option of concentrating on one of three subjects, developmental disabilities, early intervention, or mental health care systems for children.

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