CAG president announces “Save Our Neighborhood” campaign against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

We’ve been speculating about whether or not the 2010 Campus Plan would be hampered by the kind of neighborhood opposition that beset the 2000 Campus Plan. We can stop wondering now. Georgetown alum and CAG President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88) has announced that the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown is launching a campaign against the Campus Plan—and it’s not just an advocacy campaign.

“[I]t is clear that we will need support from experts to enhance our efforts in advocating the needs and concerns of the residential community,” Altemus wrote in an e-mail that went out over the Georgetownforum listserv. “To that end, we are asking you to help us fund this important effort.”

She goes on to ask residents to visit the CAG website and donate to the “Save Our Neighborhood” fund, where suggested donations start at $300 and go up to $5,000. Or neighbors can make a (tax-deductible) donation of any amount. In either case, they’ll receive an invitation to the “Save Our Neighborhood” cocktail party at Georgetown restaurant il Canale.

She also announced an April meeting among neighbors to discuss the 2010 Campus Plan specifically from the neighbors’ point of view.

Members of the CAG and the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners have made no secret of how much they dislike Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan. Even at a community meeting where Georgetown administrators more or less promised that they were rerouting the GUTS buses according to the ANC’s wishes, ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis openly threatened to impede the plan’s passage if Georgetown did not acquiesce to more neighborhood demands.

“There is a problem,” he said. “And the problem is that people who come to your classes are jamming up our streets by parking. It’s not our role, it’s not our job to figure out the solution—it’s the University’s. But there is the problem. And unless the problem goes away, it’s going to be a problem for the plan.”

I guess those problems start now. Read Altemus’ full letter after the jump.

Jennifer Altemus’ full e-mail, “GU Campus Plan” (bolding is hers):

“Georgetown University is in the process of preparing their 2010 ten-year campus plan for submission to the Zoning Commission. The draft calls for major development and a dramatic increase in the number of students.

“In multiple meetings with Georgetown University it became clear that their plan does not address the adverse impact of more than 1,200 students already living in our residential neighborhoods and adds to the problem by asking to add 3,200 more graduate students with no additional housing within the University gates.”

“Of course we will continue discussions with GU. However, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, along with the ANC, Burleith, Hillandale, and other community organizations, is now actively working to present our perspective to the Zoning Commission and the DC Office of Planning.

“CAG’s GU Relations Committee and other neighborhood groups have been gathering data and developing our case. But as we consult with others who have been through this process, it is clear that we will need support from experts to enhance our efforts in advocating the needs and concerns of the residential community. To that end, we are asking you to help us fund this important effort.

“It is imperative that we present a strong case to the Zoning Commission to improve the quality of life in the community, maintain our real estate values, and restore the peaceful, civilized nature of our wonderful historic neighborhoods. Time is of the essence as we need to have our presentation together by April.

“We ask that you consider a significant contribution to this effort. To donate go to and click CAG Save Our Neighborhood Fund or mail our form and a check today.

“Jennifer Altemus”

38 Comments on “CAG president announces “Save Our Neighborhood” campaign against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

  1. In either case, they’ll receive an invitation to the “Save Our Neighborhood” cocktail party at Georgetown restaurant il Canale.


  2. I live in Georgetown and have never, not even once, been disturbed by students.
    Also, it seems this group is too thick-headed to realize that some students will always choose to live off-campus, regardless of whether there is space to accommodate them on campus. If they really wanted to get students back onto campus, they’d address their own–those who rent their homes to students.

  3. Please, Voice, PLEASE publish her email address or other contact information. If this Jennifer woman is going to lead a charge against the University, SOMEONE needs to rally the University side and fight back. This woman is a stuck up bitch who seems to think that she and her like-minded neighbors own the streets. THE STREETS ARE PUBLIC. You own the property you bought. The rest of it is fair game for buses, cars, students, and whoever else wants to use it. That needs to be made clear to her.

  4. The neighbors alternately complain about Georgetown wanting to build more housing on campus and then turn around and complain when students, with no housing on campus, are forced to live outside the gates.

  5. It’s not like I knew there was a university with college students in the neighborhood when I moved here…

  6. I like the complaint about parking, that GU is jamming the streets of Georgetown by parking. Umm…hello…when GU asks for more parking on campus, the neighbors fight it. When GU has a dedicated bus system (which keeps cars off the street and traffic out of the neighborhood), they fight that. The less convenient GUTS is, the more people will drive. Stupid…stupid…stupid.

    Here’s Jennifer Altemus’ address:

  7. Even better, is this program to restore those worthless call boxes all over the neighborhood:
    These people are flat out nuts. Nothing Georgetown does makes them happy; they are completely unreasonable.

  8. Calen and Jason, can you organize a Save Our School campaign in response?

  9. The students and University need to stand together against these snobs and call them out for what they really are: a bunch of self-absorbed, self-important narcissists who will stop at nothing to make sure that their unreasonable and illogical demands are met at the full expense of the University when they will not move an inch in the spirit of compromise.

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  11. More like, “wants to save our neighborhood from having Georgetown University in it.”

  12. Hey Kiddos, this is not your neighborhood and you are not liked nor welcome here. Just make sure you follow the law or you will get arrested. Your parents will not like it and it will be hard to get one those middle management jobs you are drinking so hard for.

  13. You should have considered a gated community.

  14. Why isn’t it our neighborhood as much as yours? We live here, same as you do. We probably pay more per annum to live here than you do. (Our tuition probably beats out your mortgage.) We bring as much business here as you do. We are 75% of the reason this neighborhood is the glorious way it is.

    I’m not saying it’s all our neighborhood; we share it with you. But telling us that we don’t belong when we’ve been here for more than 200 years and certainly, as an institution, longer than any individual resident of the neighborhood, is not just plain on-the-facts wrong, it’s also offensive (and a big reasons why students have a hard time taking the neighbors’ opinions seriously).

    I, by the way, have had a great relationship with my many non-student neighbors over the last few years. The vast majority of you townies are great; it’s a shame that your reputation is spoiled by the poorly behaved, boorish examples of non-neighborliness like you.

  15. Typo.

    *and ONE OF the big reasons.

  16. @Different, the answer is simple: it’s not your neighborhood because you don’t have a stake in it, you don’t care, you are here temporarily, you are not a resident, you do all you can to destroy it. I understand you would like to live here and maybe one day you will. The rest of your post is nonsense.

  17. Now that you found out where the “bitch”, as you called her, lives what are you going to do? Write her a letter, maybe?

  18. Altex, do you think that we don’t want a safe, clean, quality place to live? Get a clue. As well, you say that Different @Altex’s post is “nonsense” but you offer only a blanket dismissal and no specifics refuting anything he says. You are illustrative of the ignorance of the cadre of neighborhood leaders who make life hellish for the University.

    Students and administrators are willing to have a conversation with you and to meet you halfway on many issues, but it has to be halfway. Consensus comes only when parties are willing to consider the needs and desires of the others. It’s tremendously clear that the University has this attitude and the neighborhood association does not.

  19. I suppose we should thank “Altex” for demonstrating so clearly the one-sided stupidity that dominates the CAG (as though we didn’t already know), and, hey, there’s nothing like a shrill, barren intellect to perk up the conversation on a blog’s comment section. Apparently, according to Altex, Georgetown almost exclusively produces booze-drenched middle-management losers (facts be damned); drawing that conclusion, though, probably isn’t terribly unreasonable when Altex’s primary point of contact with GU alums is that petulant child, Jennifer Altemus, heading up the CAG. Like most entitled, elitist half-wit residents who layabout in Georgetown with nothing to do except fix call boxes, campaign to keep shitty cobblestone streets, and make unreasonable demands on the university (and many of whom assuredly who rose to the top on the back of a trust fund), Altex entirely denies the value of the university in the community, even though it’s plan as day that the community is what it is because of the university. But, whatever, it’s not like anyone will ever be able to use, oh, reason and evidence to change Altex’s opinion. It’s far too ensconced in its own stupidity and dialogue with such people will never be possible. That’s precisely why every ten-year plan, instead of being a polite attempt to ameliorate the neighbors’ concerns (as it almost always is), should be a giant “fuck you” to these assholes.

  20. I was going to say, where do these CAGers get all this free time anyways? Then I remembered that they don’t do much of anything except lay around in their gilded cages and fret all day long. I’m a recent GU grad who actually does *live* in the east side of the neighborhood (e.g., pays DC taxes, registers my car here, etc) and let me tell you from experience, these old farts haven’t got a life to speak of! One of our lovely neighbors leaves passive-aggressive type-written notes under our door whenever we make the slightest mistake, like the time we forgot that Veterans Day was a federal holiday that pushed back garbage collection by a day. My bad dude, I had to work that day, so I guess I just didn’t notice that I was “making our neighborhood look like a slum.” lulz.

    Just last week, the cranky old couple next door actually called the police on us for “being too loud,” while three (3) people were inside watching a movie at 7:30 on a Saturday. When the cops showed up at the door, they seemed confused and said “we got a noise complaint, but we don’t hear any noise.” Then they left. My advice to all the grumpy grampys out there: it’s called Florida. Go take a nice long nap down there and come back when you feel better.

  21. P.S…. I’m referring to the same cranky old couple whose sidewalk we shoveled six fcuking feet of snow from this winter. Good luck with the next natural disaster folks, ’cause this strapping young man has positively had it with your BS

  22. According the CAG website (, the group’s next meeting will be held “Monday, March 15, 2010 – The meeting will take place at historic Dumbarton House and will present a rare opportunity to have an insider’s look at the historic home and to see Georgetown through the eyes of an architectural designer, Claudia Powell. The reception/tour begins at 7 pm followed by the program at 7:30. Dumbarton House is at 2715 Q Street NW.”

    Perhaps a “noisy” protest is in order? Or we could at least flood the meeting with extra participants. They want a fight, they got one.

  23. LOL! Protest? Please! You white trash kiddos can’t even find the address unless it smells of horse manure.
    Let’s see how many present and future losers will show up. Wanna bet?

  24. You shoveled snow? Wow! That’s great. Thanks. Now go back to your rented basement.
    Be grateful that you live in Georgetown, for now. The economy is not so good for people like you.

  25. @Altrex: What’s wrong with you? Where did you get the idea that Georgetown students all come from a farm? Are you *that* stupid? I hope you step in front of a GUTS bus, you imbecile.

  26. Is Altex Mister Jennifer Altemus? You’ll make partner soon, buddy – don’t you fret!!!

  27. @Hillbilly@GU: Nice attitude. The thing is, we’re a group of young people who are fortunate to have jobs, and we rent the whole house. We’re full fledged tax paying citizens just like you, and we try to take care of our neighbors. We even bring them baked goods on occasion, believe it or not. The problem is the pervasive attitude among people of a certain age who seem to think that they’re somehow worth more than the rest of us. Or that young people are just useless. The old folks need to understand one thing very clearly: your generation dug this hole. Our generation is fighting your wars and paying your debts. So take a deep breath, get out of the house once in awhile, and get off our backs.

  28. To say that I don’t have a stake in this neighborhood because I’m a student is absurd. I live here for at least four years; many students get jobs or additional degrees and stay longer. I also care deeply about my Alma Mater and so am very invested in its neighborhood and growth opportunities. Believe it or not, I have also come to love Georgetown the neighborhood on its own terms and fully support efforts to keep it beautiful, safe and historic.

    It’s very insulting to be told this is “not my neighborhood,” especially since you don’t even know if I’m from here or will keep living here after graduation.

    I think many above have made this point: you are just reinforcing the stereotype of snotty, self-important, and self-entitled neighbors who are either uninterested or unable to have a rational, productive conversation of these topics on their merits.

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  31. Sorry your fours years spent brooding in the library only landed you some bureaucratic bullshit job or your at in biglaw and you hate it and you feel as if you need to take out all your pent up aggression on students who have fun AND get great jobs/go to great grad programs/do something for the world.

    Sorry we party.

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