Gay couple to wed today in Georgetown’s Ben & Jerry’s

Same-sex couples have been exchanging vows all over the District since D.C. first began to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples on Tuesday—in gardens, in courthouses, in the office of the Human Rights Campaign, and even in Hello Cupcake. And today, a Georgetown establishment is going to be the site of a same-sex wedding, DCist reports, when the marriage between Keith Spangler and Andreas Vellios takes place at Georgetown’s Ben and Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s has a prominent history of supporting several social justice movements—the company even made a commemorative ice cream, Hubby Hubby, when its founders’ home state changed its laws to recognize same-sex marriage—and Jerry Greenfield (the Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s) will be at the ceremony to talk about his company’s commitment to justice and to congratulate the couple.

City Councilmember David Catania (SFS ’90, LAW ’94), the first openly gay member of the D.C. City Council who introduced the bill legalizing same sex marriage, will also be there, along with Freedom to Marry Director Michael Crawford. Afterward the ceremony, there’s going to be ice cream cake for friends and family of the couple.

Via DCist

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  2. is a certain someone scouting sites for her alternative lifestyle wedding?

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