Demands unanswered by the school, Plan A Hoyas employ guerrilla theater

We’ve seen what Georgetown University President looks like as a Jack-o-lantern—but what if he were a leprechaun?

Seems he’d be sporting a green fedora and prancing around Red Square, telling passersby and angry members of Plan A Hoyas, “You’ll never get my pot of condoms!”

At least that’s how members of Plan A Hoyas, the controversial group pressuring the University to provide contraceptives, comprehensive sex education, and expanded free speech about sexuality on campus, chose to interpret his Irish side. Frustrated that DeGioia has not responded to the letter they delivered to his office on March 4 following a rally in Red Square, which Plan A Hoya leader Marion Cory (COL ’10) said asked him to respond by March 15 to their demands, members of Plan A Hoyas turned today to ‘guerrilla theater.’

Their brief performance around 1 p.m. featured students mimicking ineffective contraceptive methods, like pulling out, as a student dressed as ‘Jack O’Gioia’ hugged a pot of condoms and played keep-away, condemning heterosexual and gay sex. Plan A Hoya members circulated a petition for their demands to students who were watching.

The scene concluded when a Plan A member snatched away O’Gioia’s cache and held it up triumphantly. “Condoms!” he exclaimed, before showering Red Square in prophylactics.

Additional reporting by Cole Stangler

10 Comments on “Demands unanswered by the school, Plan A Hoyas employ guerrilla theater

  1. “You’ll never get my pot of condoms!”

    This is exactly what I hoped would happen when I heard Plan A was “holding an action.”

  2. This place is nuts. Plan A, crappy neighbors, the Cuddler, etc. Again, glad I’m graduating.

  3. This is hilarious even though I really don’t support Plan A

  4. I’m glad we have people who are creative and daring to do stuff like this at Georgetown.

  5. A ham handed performance that has as much subtlety as driving a train through a library? Hardly creative.
    Whining about how mean the administration is in red square annoying dozens, nay, several people on their way to class? Hardly daring.

  6. As a side note, we’re not actually very controversial at all…students are overwhelmingly in support of these measures. Just throwing that out there.

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  8. Kristinia:

    Please give citation of evidence to back up your assertion. Even if such evidence were given, is Georgetown a democracy run by the popular will of its student body?

  9. Typical “me first” college kids today. Ask not what you can do to make the world a better place, rather, ask for what you think you are all entitled to that someone else will pay for or otherwise provide.

    You know nothing at all about abortion and its affects if you think it empowers women.

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