Fifth area burglary in eight days takes place at 1400 block of 36th Street

At 4:13 a.m. on Tuesday, four men entered a home on the 1400 block of 36th Street and stole several items of value, Victor Braschnewitz of the Metropolitan Police Department is reporting on a community listserv. Here is the full description he’s provided of the crime:

“The victims reported that four unknown suspects entered their home through the unlocked front door and stole numerous electrical appliances, jewelry and cash. All suspects were described as Unknown Race/Males wearing all black clothing, nothing further.”

This burglary, shown in red on the map at right, is the fifth burglary that has taken place very close to Georgetown’s campus in the past eight days.

March 15 saw a burglary and an attempted burglary on the 1200 block of 37th Street. Braschnewitz reported a March 17 burglary at 37th and O Streets last week, and the Department of Public Safety reported a fourth burglary on the 1400 block of 36th Street on March 19, in which suspects stole over $5,000 worth of items.

Update 1:10 p.m.: DPS has just released a Public Safety Alert about this incident, explaining that the suspects entered the victim’s bedroom, where she screamed and scared them away. The suspects stole about $3,000 worth of items. From the PSA:

“A student reported to DPS that at approximately 4:00 a.m., she was awakened in her residence located in the 1400 Block of 36th Street by the sound of movement in her bedroom by four unknown males. The student screamed and the suspects fled the house and ran down P Street towards 35th Street.

“Upon looking around the residence, the complainant and her housemates found that property worth approximately $3,000, including a flat screen television, cell phone, jewelry, a laptop, and cash, had been stolen. DPS responded to the scene at 4:10 a.m., followed by MPD and the Crime Scene Unit. It was determined that the suspects gained entry to the residence through an unlocked rear door. The investigation by MPD is ongoing.

11 Comments on “Fifth area burglary in eight days takes place at 1400 block of 36th Street

  1. If they don’t protect students, what do they do??? FIRE THE CLOWNS IN CHARGE

  2. “If they don’t protect students, what do they do??? ”

    Are you proposing that DPS go door-to-door every evening to see if 20-21 year olds have remembered to lock their doors? Should they check to see if they are flushing their toilets and washing their hands? According to the PSA, the responded within 3 minutes of the call. Unfortunately, the call came around 7 minutes after the incident. How, exactly, was DPS supposed to catch the perps? They can’t be everywhere simultaneously. The chances that any law enforcement officer will happen to be in close proximity to a crime in progress are astronomical. Even if they were making routine rounds (which they may have been doing), there’s still going to be several minutes between rounds. There is an unrealistic expectation of what DPS can accomplish.

    To be fair, DPS has successes. They caught the guy who was defacing the statue on Healy lawn. They’ve caught others as well. Unfortunately, no broadcast email is sent when there is a success. Maybe they should start doing that.

  3. Can someone who does NOT lock their door explain to me why you choose not to lock?

  4. I choose not to lock my door because I don’t like to forget if i did or did not . I just rather not do it at all

  5. Guess I never get stolen from because A) I lock my doors and B) don’t have $3,000 worth of jewels and cash in my room to begin with. Come on people, get with it… Have you ever heard of “low hanging fruit” ? You know, easiest to grab, ready to eat? In DC, that’s Georgetown. It amazes me how some hoyas can be that oblivious to their surroundings.

  6. Nom.

    Way to omit the practical expensive items that were stolen (laptop, tv) from your point (B). That really strengthens your argument.

  7. Hey fact checker- I’ve been out at those wee hours of the morning WAY more often than I should. And guess what? I’ve never seen a DPS patrol…. ever.

    How is it that other schools, in much worse neighborhoods (see JHU), have less crime than Georgetown? There is no deterrent to criminals. DPS is a joke, and has been for quite a while now

  8. To be fair to DPS, entering through a bedroom on the 1400 block of 36th most likely means that entered from the alley on P. Unless you’ve got someone stationed there you would never catch someone doing that.

    That said, I’ve seen many a wee hour as well and it is highly, highly unlikely DPS was patrolling anywhere. You know how they got there within three minutes? Because the 1400 block of 36th is a two-minute walk from the main gate where the one DPS car sits.

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  10. When I have time later, I’ll search crime statistics around Johns Hopkins and Howard University. I’d bet they both have a higher crime rate than Georgetown. It’s also possible that students at JHU and HU are smart enough to lock their doors.

    And, it doesn’t matter why they got there in 3 minutes. They did get there in three minutes. I live near a police station and a fire station. If I call 911 and police/fire get to my house in 3 minutes, I’m happy. I don’t say “well, it’s only because you’re right around the corner, otherwise you suck.”

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