GUSA FinApp Committee passes budget with allocations to all boards but SAC, PAAC

On Thursday night, the Georgetown University Student Association Finance and Appropriations Committee passed a budget on to the full GUSA Senate with allocations for most of the advisory boards. The Performing Arts Advisory Council and Student Activities Commission were allocated $0, neither board having signed an agreement with FinApp to enact the remaining GUSA reforms for the advisory boards.

SAC is still resisting GUSA pressure to institute public voting on student clubs’ budget, a sticking point that FinApp members and SAC will try to resolve soon. PAAC, by contrast, does not seem to be resistant to any of the reforms they still have left to implement. At tonight’s FinApp meeting, Senator Colton Malkerson (COL ’13) said that PAAC’s members wanted more time to review the agreement proposed by GUSA and were also awaiting discussions with the Vice President for Student Affairs’s office about how to spend down their reserves from $134,000 to $50,000.

FinApp is holding the $25,000 it anticipates allocating to PAAC in GUSA’s reserves until PAAC signs its agreement. The committee passed the budget unanimously.

2 Comments on “GUSA FinApp Committee passes budget with allocations to all boards but SAC, PAAC

  1. So, PAAC has agreed on open voting? They had agreed to before, then changed courtesy of PAAC Uberlord Ron Lignelli . . . so they’ve changed again and agreed to voting? If so, A+.

    As to SAC, there’s also the issue of selecting the SAC Chair. I don’t think that’s been resolved (at least to the satisfaction of the club leaders), in addition to public voting.

    Overall, though, A+.

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