If you want to rub elbows with royalty, come to Georgetown

Remember that godawful movie The Prince and Me, where Luke Malby plays a prince in disguise at college who sweeps Julia Stiles off her feet and asks her to be his princess but then she’s not sure if she can give up her dreams or handle a royal lifestyle but then, spoiler alert, love wins the day, and she totally gets to marry Luke Malby?

Okay, the movie was awful, but Malby was real cute. And if you thought so too, and couldn’t watch that movie without feeling a pang of jealousy for the Malby-marrying Stiles, know that you’ve come to the right place. Because according to Vanity Fair‘s VF Daily, the best college in America to nab a royal spouse is not in Wisconsin, it’s Georgetown. From VF:

“The real reason royals flock to Georgetown is the university’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service … One recent royal grad is Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, 23, the youngest son of exiled monarch King Constantine II of Greece, 70. Philippos graduated in 2008 with a B.A. in foreign relations.

“His older brother, Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and Denmark, 42, attended Georgetown from 1990 to 1995, graduating with a degree in international-relations law followed by a master’s in international relations and economics.

“While at Georgetown, Pavlos kept it in the family by rooming with his cousin Felipe, Prince of Asturias, 42, who happens to be the heir apparent to the Spanish throne. Prince Felipe graduated with a master’s degree from the university in May 1995.”

Runners-up are Brown, Columbia, and Princeton and Harvard. Take that, Ivies.

Of course, there is one flaw in Vanity Fair‘s bold claim that you, too, can marry into royalty. VF doesn’t list any current royal personages currently attending Georgetown (and Vox can’t think of any). So if you came here to get your HRH degree (and we really hope you didn’t), looks like you’re SOL for now.

Via Campus Overload. Yeah, we know, kind of embarrassing.

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