After a gunpoint robbery in the Georgetown area, MPD steps up enforcement

Update 4:48—The Department of Public Safety has put out a PSA about this incident, which said that the victim is not believed to be affiliated with Georgetown.

This morning, a violent robbery at gunpoint that sent its victim to the Georgetown University Hospital took place in Burleith. This incident and recent burglaries has prompted the Metropolitan Police Department to increase area patrols to combat burglaries and robberies, Gwendolyn Crump, a public relations officer for MPD, said.

Citing the five recent burglaries that took place in Georgetown, this most recent robbery, and a March 18 robbery at knifepoint that took place at 3100 O Street, MPD said it will be policing the area more thoroughly for the time being.

The robbery, which happened in the early morning of Monday, March 29, took place at 37th and R Streets. A masked, black male, about 5’8″ with a thin build, and another suspect who is not described robbed a victim at gunpoint and beat him.

Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Ed Solomon reported the crime, which he heard about through a text alert, over the Burleith neighborhood listserv. Solomon also provided the crime narrative from the police report, which we have paragraphed and edited for clarity:

“At this location, the victim reports that he was robbed. He was walking west in the 3600 block of R street when he was approached from behind by two suspects. The victim turned when one suspect pointed what appeared to be a gun at him that was white or light in color and told him to give him his wallet.

“The victim reached to give the suspect his wallet when both suspects grabbed him, taking him to the ground where they kicked and punched him, and took his wallet. The two suspects fled on foot and then got into a box style Jeep parked at the end of the block. The vehicle left the scene east on R street. The suspect was taken to Georgetown University Hospital where he was treated and released with minor injuries to the head.”

The five burglaries all took place within nine days of each other, prompting the Department of Public Safety to begin checking with students to make sure their doors were locked. You can read more in Voice news.

4 Comments on “After a gunpoint robbery in the Georgetown area, MPD steps up enforcement

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  2. What bothers me is that the “five” burglaries may significantly understate the scale of the problem. I sent the earlier story to my immediate neighbors and one of them responded that they too had been burglarized — in the daytime, while they were in the house. (The thieves entered through an unlocked door and took a computer.)

    At the same time, the owner of a monitoring service for residential alarm systems mentioned to me that, to his certain knowledge, many of his firm’s clients in Georgetown did not report small burglaries to the police — often out of embarrassment that they had left a door or window unlocked.

    Can anyone point to a reasonably accurate source of information on TOTAL burglaries in Georgetown over the past sixty days?

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