Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich to speak at Georgetown University this April

Because the event with General Petraeus went so well, this April, Georgetown will play host to two big-name conservatives: Karl Rove, brought to you by Lecture Fund, and Newt Gingrich, who is coming to campus as part of his premier tour for his new movie, Nine Days that Changed the World.

These Republican heavy-hitters will visit Georgetown within just two days of each other. Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House, will be here on Monday, April 19, and Rove, who was former President George W. Bush’s adviser, is coming on April 21.

According to Student Activities Commission minutes, Rove’s typical speaking fee is $35,000, but Lecture Fund bargained him down to $8,000. SAC allocated them $8,500 for fees, security, and additional costs in a 5-3-3 vote in early February.

Alicia Melvin, an event coordinator for the April 19 movie screening, confirmed that Gingrich would be present at the screening, which is being sponsored by the Catholic Students Association and co-sponsored by the Georgetown College Republicans.

The screening will take place at at 7 p.m. in the ICC Auditorium. Rove will speak at an unknown time in the Lohrfink Auditorium in the Hariri Building.

39 Comments on “Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich to speak at Georgetown University this April

  1. Protesters, beware. No children have ever meddled with the Republican Party and lived to tell about it.

  2. I’m going to chain myself to Jack DeGioia for this one!! Let’s see him travel to some far off country to talk about globalization with me strapped to his right leg!

    Oh wait, no. He’ll be on campus because this is a photo op. Well at least I’ll get a good seat in Gaston.

  3. …but, but this is a Jesuit community! Plan A activists man your battle stations!

  4. why do we always bring these neo-con fuckers to campus? this is why there is protest – bc there is no balance, no debate, just vicious right wing demagogues spewing their bullshit all over my campus. see you there, assholes.

  5. I would just like to specify that for the Newt Gingrich event he will be premiering his new movie that is about Pope John Paul II’s return to his native Poland in 1979. The event will be focused on the movie and is not political in nature.
    -Geoffrey Bible, Chairman of GU College Republicans

  6. If the event is religious and not political, why are you sponsoring it? Is this just another step in the right’s aspiration of making the Catholic Church a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP?

  7. we did have Joel Salatin and Dennis Kucinich come and speak this year. We’ve also had Obama and Hilary Clinton speak recently…not exactly “neo-con fuckers”

    I do think Georgetown tends to the right on a lot of issues, but Georgetown generally does a good job bringing in liberal and conservative speaks. Of course with the exception of discussion a woman’s right to choose or sexuality. It’ll be a while before we have Cecile Richards or Dan Savage come and speak (although that would be baller).

  8. @Kieran

    i dont think my terse language begins to equate to what Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove and personally responsible for, in terms of global and local poverty, as well as perverting the Gospel (in Gingrich’s case). I take that very seriously.

    @@ anamolous

    you’re right, not everyone who speaks at georgetown is a neo-con. it would be nice to have these folks in dialogue though.

  9. GUCR sponsors and participates in plenty of ‘non-political’ activities. We co-sponsored a speech by Fr. Curry during Hate Free Georgetown week, for instance. And as to the comment on making the Chuch a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GOP, I’m actually quite confused where you get this idea. Despite the US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ stance on the health care bill, for the most part the Catholic vote is pretty evenly split between the two parties.

  10. @Geoffrey Bible: So by non-political events, you been events that further the Catholic agenda? Excellent. How balanced of you.

    Also, if I understand correctly, the Obama, Hillary, Albright speeches were not funded directly funded by students’ money, were they? But we’re willing to spend $8500 on speakers that will come spew bigotry? At least make sure to take steps to ensure there is free exchange of ideas at these events, and that the question/answer sessions are moderated by an unbiased moderator.

    Oh, also, can Georgetown please make them read a statement that says their views do not represent the views of the university, like they made Jessica Valenti do? Or is that a discourtesy reserved only for guests on the left side of left, and not the right of right?

  11. Could we possibly find two people who are more directly opposed to Georgetown/the Church’s mission? These two morally repugnant excuses for human beings were major contributors to decades of public policy that can only be summarized as “hey poor people, go fuck yourselves.”
    Their perversion of the Gospel is shameful, as is the fact that Georgetown is allowing them, much less paying one of them, to come speak here.

  12. Ha, if you had actually bothered to attend (or even know about) the event we co-sponsored with the College Dems, you would know that the speech was about the importance of diversity in our society; it was not an event that “furthered the Catholic agenda,” in fact, there was very little mention of religion at all. Also, I’m still really confused as to the conspiracy theories on here about the Church and the Republican party. Although not mutually exclusive, they are certainly not synonymous with each other.

  13. I think it may be that the neo-conservatives just generate a little more excitement on this campus than most. Like another poster pointed out, in the past year Georgetown has hosted Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Medea Benjamin and a slew of Democratic Congressmen and the numbers just aren’t as large as at these GOP fests. We need some progressives at Gtown.

  14. @ Free Speech, It’s Fine
    “I would just like to specify that for the Newt Gingrich event he will be premiering his new movie that is about Pope John Paul II’s return to his native Poland in 1979. The event will be focused on the movie and is not political in nature.
    -Geoffrey Bible, Chairman of GU College Republicans”

    Its about a movie covering one of the most beloved Popes in history, my friend, its not spewing bigotry. And, to be fair most times the left spews as much bigotry as the right does… both extremes hate each other and are happy to tell anyone about it. Intolerance abounds.

    Georgetown is Catholic and Jesuit. Jesuits are used to getting attacked from all sides for their viewpoints, and Jesuits are hardly in agreement on many things. They are however still avowed to the Pope and the Catholic Church, and Georgetown as a Catholic school can get in a great deal of trouble with the Vatican if stray from the Church’s teaching. The very fact that Georgetown had Jessica Valenti here is a big deal… don’t underestimate how dedicated Georgetown is to dialogue. As Geoffrey Bible mentioned, Catholics are pretty split between parties because of the consistency of the Church’s teaching.

  15. An interesting note for this discussion:

    Gingrich’s movie is co-sponsored by Citizens United, the conservative group that recently won the Supreme Court case that decided that corporations are people, too, just like you and me!

  16. I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

  17. Free speech wrote: “Oh, also, can Georgetown please make them read a statement that says their views do not represent the views of the university, like they made Jessica Valenti do? Or is that a discourtesy reserved only for guests on the left side of left, and not the right of right?”

    Ron Paul, who’s decidedly right of right, had to read the same disclaimer when he gave a speech in Feb 2009, so STFU. It’s like every liberal protestor has their head up their ass and perceives unfairness when it doesn’t exist.

  18. Does anyone else find it particularly fitting that Karl Rove in speaking in the business school?

  19. So the 19th and 21st are booked. I think its only fitting we bring in Barney Frank on the 20th. Unless he already has plans…

  20. Why are we paying to bring Karl Rove, a scumbag, albeit a brilliant one, here to campus? I don’t care who comes here to speak for free, but isn’t money better spent on someone who’s not a should-be felon?

    Also, note to CSA: Neither Gingrich’s personal nor political life have embodied Catholic values.

  21. @Bigger Concern,

    Coincidentally enough, I am available for the 20th. I don’t really know that much about politics, but I am Canadian. I can guarantee that there is nothing that can bring together a divided campus more than a People’s Choice Award-winnning Canadian minivan rock band. We can play Nine Songs that Changed the World (Photograph, This is How You Remind Me, Rockstar, If Today Was Your Last Day, Hero, Someday, If Everyone Cared, Savin’ Me, and Far Away) and we certainly won’t be violating Catholic teachings (unless, of course, moderately rocking is against Catholic teaching). Let me know soon if you want me for the 20th, my schedule fills up fast due to my status as the most wanted Canadian man not named Steve Nash or Justin Bieber. But please keep Karl Rove away from me; he regularly feasts upon the souls of Canadians.

    In Solidarity,


  22. You know, I’d love to see some of the Catholics who have been criticizing Plan A speak up here in defense of their faith, especially considering that Karl Rove is an extreme torture apologist. Wondering what the catechism has to say about this? Pretty simple: “Torture which uses physical or moral violence to extract confessions, punish the guilty, frighten opponents, or satisfy hatred is contrary to respect for the person and for human dignity.” http://www.vatican.va/archive/ccc_css/archive/catechism/p3s2c2a5.htm

  23. Ugh,
    You are mixing the two events. The Rove event has absolutely nothing to do with the event sponsored by the Catholic Student Association. Rove’s speech is sponsored by the Lecture Fund.

  24. No, I’m not mixing them up. I’m saying that I want to see Catholics respond forcefully to the LF-sponsored event with the argument that pro-torture propagandists act contrary to Catholic values, if for no other reason than the sake of consistency.

  25. Ugh, LF also sponsored Madea Benjamin this year, who represents the opposite viewpoint of Rove. I really don’t see your argument here. I think that it’s just because these two events were listed together that you are in your mind making it need defending by Catholics.

  26. It’s not a question of balance. It’s a question of whether or not a pro-torture propagandist, whose views are directly and proudly opposed to those expressed in the catechism on torture, should be paid significant sums of money to speak at a university that supposedly is based on the values of social justice. If Rove wants to speak for free, let him do so and the university should offer a substantive rebuttal. If those inside the university want to advocate torture under the guise of academic freedom, don’t sanction them. But on what basis can a Catholic university justify spending gobs of money on a pro-torture propagandist’s speech when, at the same time, it refuses to support others (like H*yas for Choice) who would act contrary to its core values? It has nothing to do with the fact that these events are listed together at all, and more to do with the fact that I think Catholics should defend their values consistently and beyond the left/right polarization at a Catholic university.

  27. Joining Geoffrey: we have politicians speak here frequently whose views on abortion do not align with the church’s (even if they aren’t speaking on abortion – and I would assume Rove isn’t speaking on torture here). It’s really not a comparable thing, I don’t think.
    That said, noticed a headline today on Drudge: “Rove Shouted Down, Called ‘War Criminal’ At Book Signing…” We can top that, GSC. Consider this the gauntlet being dropped.

  28. can we please have a speaker come to georgetown and not be shouted down and interrupted? please? the entire point of a university is to encourage dialogue. you can’t do that when one side only wants to hear liberal speakers (and this is coming from a total Rove, Gingrich hater). please let them speak

  29. republicans are conspiring to take over this campus! someone on lecture fund probably had their daddy get rove at the discounted rate. the whole gingrich deal is probably the working of gucr member kevin preskenis, who wouldn’t you know it works for him.

  30. I’m not opposed to conservative speakers, it would just be great if we could get some who A. don’t have affairs while their wife is dying of cancer or B. are widely suspected of having committed any number of felonies.

  31. Chris, I believe that’s what we call “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

  32. Ah. So glad I don’t go to Georgetown — DC’s temple to malfeasance.

  33. I’m really glad I go to Georgetown. We have the opportunity to ask difficult questions of the people with whom we disagree.

  34. “I’m really glad I go to Georgetown. We have the opportunity to ask difficult questions of the people with whom we disagree.”

    On what planet does “shouting someone down so they cannot address the audience” constitute “ask(ing) difficult questions”? I don’t recall the Protest Brigade asking General Petraeus any questions during the Q&A…they seemed quite content with trying to prevent him from delivering his speech.


    Please, just respect them.

  36. I just have to say that I am disappointed with the responses of my fellow Hoyas on this board. So you don’t like someone,let’s not debase ourselves to cursing about them and attacking them in the boards. Please, act like a Georgetown student and not a Syracuse one. Respect them for who they are and then disagree with them. Furthermore, the sooner you learn that every time you go off on a curse filled tangent with poorly worded exaggerations no one takes you seriously, the sooner you’ll be part of a productive conversation.


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