Water taxi from Georgetown to Nationals Park may launch by June

Fans going to the Nats stadium this summer to watch their home team trounce the Washington Nationals are in for a treat: soon, they may be able to get to the park on a water taxi run by American River Taxi, JD Land reports.

Anne Tabligan, a representative from American River Taxi, said that ART hopes to have a new taxi line up and running by mid-June connecting Georgetown, the Gangplank Marina near the Mall, and the marina at Nationals Park. Ticket prices aren’t set in stone, but they will probably cost $8, she said—which Vox thinks is a fair increase over the price of a Metro trip, since it comes with a lackadaisical trip down the Potomac.

Only two boats will service the route at first. A map on ART’s website shows they intend to expand their service to Poplar Point and Reagan National Airport.

Georgetown Metropolitan did some nautical math and estimated that water taxi might actually be a faster way to get to a Nats game than public transportation. The total trip, he wrote, will probably only take about fifteen minutes if the line goes straight from Nats Park to Georgetown.

Via Georgetown Metropolitan

Photo by Flickr user Oblivious Dude used under a Creative Commons license

4 Comments on “Water taxi from Georgetown to Nationals Park may launch by June

  1. Excellent, now Jeeves can just carry me down to the dock. No more riding in a tube underground with those middle-income office workers and icky minorities.

  2. @ Mr. McSnobbes,

    I prefer to call the icky minorities of which you speak “land travelers.” I only translocute via aquatic vessels. It makes for a smoother ride than my Bentley or any of the many steeds upon which I have, on occasion, ridden.

  3. @Cashe and @Scrooge

    When did mass transportation become elitist? I’ll have to change my outfit for my next subway ride. Perhaps this explains why the two people next to me on the Orange Line were discussing the weekend’s fox hunt.

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