Flooding of C & O Canal does nearly $3 million in damage

Heavy rainfall in March that burst the C & O Canal and contributed to major flooding of the Georgetown Waterfront caused damage that will cost about $2.8 million to repair, WTOP is reporting. The estimate comes from the National Park Service, which did not report where funding for repairs would come from.

Flooding began in mid-March, where locks in the Canal began to fail under pressure from heavy rainfall. The Potomac River rose 3-4 feet in most places during the storms, and 5-10 feet along the Georgetown Waterfront. Old Town Alexandria and sections of the Mount Vernon Bike Trail went underwater, too.

The damage includes a broken lock about a mile upstream of D.C. and the huge amount of mud, silt, and debris that the flooding deposited along the banks of the Potomac.

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Photo from Flickr user bronpau used under a Creative Commons license

2 Comments on “Flooding of C & O Canal does nearly $3 million in damage

  1. You know what might have blocked the water from your precious bike trail? A BOAT HOUSE.

  2. Although the canal was never an extremely profitable endeavor, it operated commercially for nearly 75 years. The C&O canal survived the Civil War, economic downturns, and a number of floods over the years.

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