Alum publishing a Georgetown coffee table book that you can give to your children

Georgetown Icons from Georgetown College on Vimeo.

Finally, someone has made a coffee table book that will help you repress your memories of Leo’s, Village C, and the Heating and Cooling Plant, and convince dinner guests that you graduated from a school whose entire campus radiated beauty to boot.

Alum Leslie Little (COL ’86) is preparing to publish Georgetown Icons, a book of 100 photographs of Georgetown’s campuses commissioned by the University, to be released in 2011.

You can check out some of the photographs the book will feature here or in the video posted above, where College Dean Chester Gillis, backed up by music that reminds me of building a house for my Sims family, imparts his very high opinion of the book and lofty expectations for it.

Georgetown Icons will capture the spirit and essence of Georgetown University and all of the campuses in their elegance and their historical perspective. This is a very special book. This is a book that will capture the heart and soul of Georgetown …. The book will be wildly successful, and much sought-after. It’s going to be a keepsake, it’s a piece that you will keep in your home and probably the kind of thing that you will pass onto your kids eventually.”

Pass it on to my kids? For $150, I’d better. But yes, while some of the photos are pretty routine, some are totally gorgeous. So children of alums, get out your wallets.

8 Comments on “Alum publishing a Georgetown coffee table book that you can give to your children

  1. Village C is far more attractive, from the outside anyway, than any of the other freshman dorms. And Leo’s is quite a nice facility, as such things go. If you’re going to point out campus eyesores, go with Reiss, Yates, and pretty much the entire Med School campus (except for Med-Dent).

  2. Holy shit.

    Admittedly, the book looks pretty cool, some of the pictures were great. That said, this guy needs to CALM DOWN, possibly chant a few “Serenity Now!”s. While it looked interesting, buying a coffee table book usually isn’t the life transforming experience the Dean seems to think it is. I just hope he didn’t have to change his pants after that interview.

  3. As a Georgetown alum who majored in History, I can say I am completely thrilled about this coffee table book. I am currently between projects and find myself with a lot of time on my hands with my girlfriend Dr. Abigail Chase. I would love to relive my Georgetown days back when I was exploring the steam tunnels to find hidden Algonquin treasure. I credit my Georgetown education for my considerable knowledge of history which my partner Riley is always making wisecracks about. The price tag does not bother me since I have recently come into quite a sum of money and will probably find more money in my next adventure. Although it’s not a book of secrets, I’m sure it will make quite a lovely addition to my already large collection of coffee table books.


    PS I’m going to shteal the Declaration of Independence!

  4. I agree about Leo’s, but seriously Village C is perhaps the ugliest high-profile building on campus. I’m actually a fan of Lau from the outside, though on the inside it needs an update.

    Village C looks horribly outdated. It has no aesthetic charm at all. And it has such a prominent location. If I could pick any one building to tear down and redo, it would be Village C, no question. Harbin is at least distinctive. New South is boring but inoffensive. And Darnall is drab but harmless. Village C is just ugggggly.

    I hate Village C.

    (Also could we go back and make the MSB building 100% stone rather than 50% stone and 50% brick? That looks ugly and cheap.)

  5. Dude– I heard that your family was somehow responsible for the shooting of abe lincoln… IS THIS TRUE?!?!??! you, sir, are un-american.

  6. @ben,

    That is a vicious lie and you know it! After going through all the trouble of clearing my family’s name and getting back together with my girlfriend Dr. Abigail Chase, it is really troubling to see little punks like you trying to disgrace the Gates name. My ancestor was an American hero, not a traitor, and I would have hoped that the students of my Alma Mater would have more respect for the matter than you have shown today. I was going to donate some of this Native American gold I’ve got lying around the house to Georgetown, but now I’ve got half a mind to just buy that pair of soiled underwear worn by Benjamin Franklin during the signing of the Declaration of Independence I saw on Ebay.



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