Campus Crime Watch: March 2010

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With 34 total crimes listed in the Department of Public Safety Daily Crime Log for the month, March saw a high number of burglaries, at least three violent crimes, and a number of thefts. Here’s how crimes listed in the log broke down:

    • This month, we reported six burglaries on and near the Georgetown campus, including one reported by MPD but not DPS. The DPS log records nine burglaries. PSAs were sent out for five of them, but three incidents in which suspects may have entered with the intention of theft were not publicized by DPS.

      On March 15, the same day DPS reported two burglaries on 37th Street, a suspect stole a Playstation 3 from a residence on the 3600 block of Prospect Street at 4:41 p.m. Food items were also reported stolen from a residence on that block at 9 p.m. on the same day. On March 16, computers and a gaming system were reported stolen from a Village A apartment.

      These cases may bring the total number of March break-ins in Georgetown to a whopping nine. It is not clear whether residences were locked or unlocked in these situations. In each case, the suspect remains at large.

      Thefts from a locker room in McDonough Gymnasium on March 18 were recorded as a burglary. On March 31, a student in Village C East found a man “wandering around in her bathroom,” who fled the scene before DPS arrived.

    • There was one reported case of sexual assault this month, on the 1400 block of 36th Street on March 19. A female student alleged that a male she knows sexually assaulted her. The case is being handled by the Metropolitan Police Department.

      This is one of the few, if not the only case of alleged sexual assault by an acquaintance that has been reported in a DPS log going back over a year.

    • DPS listed five drug violations, which is still high for Georgetown if we’re using the last twelve months as precedent. But it’s come down off its high of 12 drug violations in February.

      Assistant Director of the Public Safety Department Andrew Powell confirmed that a March 19 drug violation was the incident in which a student claimed to have witnessed questionable DPS officer behavior.

      Powell said he could not confirm whether or not the student had filed a complaint about the officers, whom she claims swore at and threatened a student they had arrested. If a complaint was filed, he wrote in an e-mail, DPS’s internal investigatory unit would determine whether the officers’ conduct warranted disciplinary action.

    • There were 13 cases of theft reported in March. A locked moped was taken near Darnall; a University employee reported a stolen Georgetown ID; three bikes were reported stolen; three cases of stolen laptops or electronic equipment appeared in the log; three cases or a stolen wallet or money were in the log; a t-shirt was reported stolen; and an iPod was stolen.

    • In one case, someone saw a man with bolt cutters and a bicycle and reported it to MPD. MPD arrested the suspect, took him to juvenile services, and returned the bike to its owner.

    • There were two cases of simple assault reported for the month of March. In one case, two male students fought at Walsh and one was injured. In the other case, an unknown assailant assaulted a male student in Village A. The log said he did not want to press charges.

    • Two cases of unlawful entry appeared in the DPS log in March. In one case, a man was barred from Darnall Hall. In another case, a suspect found in Healy Hall after hours was arrested by MPD.

    • A University employee reported a harassment case when he or she was sent an e-mail with an obscene photo.

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