Where’s the Circulator? Google Maps can tell you

Is there any reason not to love the Circulator? Their buses are clean, frequent, and cheaper than most other forms of D.C. transportation, and they follow pretty convenient routes.

They’re so reliable, in fact, that they’re probably the last form of District transportation that needs to provide a way for riders to check when the next bus is coming.

But you can do that, too, even in an age where a recalcitrant WMATA still has not worked out a deal with Google to provide real-time updates for its trains and buses, because the Circulator is so awesome.

Using Google Maps, you can see approximate arrival times for the next two Circulator buses for any given stop in the route—just click a blue bus icon when you’re zoomed enough to see them.

For regular WMATA buses, you’re still stuck with NextBus, which is seldom helpful.

Via Georgetown Metropolitan

2 Comments on “Where’s the Circulator? Google Maps can tell you

  1. This isn’t helpful. This is just an addition of the Circulator’s schedule onto Google Maps. (And when was the last time a bus followed schedule, right?). I would consider Nextbus much more helpful, as it gives a real-time honest estimate on when the bus will arrive. In fact, the Circulator has an equivalent, called Where’s My Bus?, which is also decent (although it lacks the time estimate, only the bus’s distance from the stop).

    Maybe what you’re trying to say in that last one is “For regular WMATA buses, you’re still stuck with regular WMATA buses, which are seldom helpful.” But I’d hate to see Vox extend that stereotype.

  2. You people must be fools who don’t know anything about transit – here’s a follow-up update on the Georgetown Metropolitan website: “Update: Turns out GM was wrong. It’s not real-time data, it’s just the schedule, which isn’t very accurate or helpful. Until Google works something out, use something like this.”

    In my opinion, turns out GM is ridiculous. What does this mean – “you’re still stuck with NextBus”. I use NextBus every day and it’s great. It uses real-time information about where the bus is and a historical record of travel times for a particular route by time of day and day of week. Do you want to give your first-borns to Google? What do you think Google will produce for you? And when NextBus is inaccurate it’s usually because WMATA’s hardware is broken and not broadcasting or they’ve decided – for good reason – to do a short turn on the bus – that is, turn it around early to handle increased passenger load inthe other direction. Impossible to predict this.

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