Student sexually assaulted at 3300 block of Prospect Street

A Georgetown student was sexually assaulted at gunpoint early Friday morning on the 3300 block of Prospect Street, the Department of Public Safety is reporting. The suspect is still at large. From the Public Safety Alert:

“[A]t approximately 2:00 a.m., a student was sexually assaulted at gunpoint by an unknown male in the 3300 block of Prospect St. MPD responded to the scene upon being notified by the complainant. DPS responded to the complainant’s on campus residence at 3:16 a.m., at which time she reported that she had been sexually assaulted.

“She stated that the suspect approached her from behind, put his hand up her dress and tore a part of her clothing, but she was able to escape the suspect. The suspect was last seen running towards M Street.”

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the crime. The victim described the suspect as a black male with medium build, approximately 6’3″ tall, wearing a black tee shirt, and dark washed jeans. She did not report any injuries from the incident.

11 Comments on “Student sexually assaulted at 3300 block of Prospect Street

  1. Meanwhile, SNAP was seen breaking up a party 2 blocks from the incident. Good use of those security dollars, Georgetown.

  2. Who is more likely to sue Georgetown anyway, the neighbors or the students? I’m glad DPS and SNAPs have the priorities in check. We don’t want the neighbors to blame the university or the students when a 6’3 black man enters their house at gunpoint, and there’s too much noise next door to even concentrate on whats going on!

  3. Hahah, do you really think DPS and MPD will do anything? To give you an idea of where their priorities are, DPS and MPD will be increasing patrols on Georgetown Day to stop drinking on the lawn. Why do you think they are introducing something called “Beer Garden”? Neighbor appeasement is more important than safety, obviously.

  4. don’t seem so surprised. student life has never been georgetown’s top priority -> a history of relatively low alumni giving

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  6. Everyone blames the police. Maybe we should all pay more taxes so we can afford to have one cop stationed on every corner to satisfy all of you. Yes, there are priorities, and breaking up keggers may not be at the top of the list. However, when every week your neighbor is throwing a party, it is the polices responsibility to respond to complaints. They can’t respond to an attack before it happens. They can only hope to be in the area. What if they weren’t responding to noise complaints or patrolling the “beer garden”, do you think that automatically means they would just “happen” to be at the site of an attack. Chances are they would be patrolling some other street.

    And at the risk of sounding cruel… and in no way is this the victims fault what so ever, but in a world where “reality” exists, maybe a female, or anyone for that matter, should not be walking around alone at 3:16am. Even if she wasn’t alone, it’s stupid. She doesn’t deserve this, and it would be great if this sort of thing doesn’t happen…. BUT IT DOES. you have to be smart. Georgetown is a neighborhood that has many dark streets, dark corners, and very little population at 3am in the morning…. Then again, sometimes being smart doesn’t make a difference. If someone wants to attack you, they will. That’s no ones fault but the perpetrators.

    I’m glad this girl escaped with out any more serious injuries. I’m sure the emotional tole will be difficult to get over. But blaming the police is not the answer. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of having been robbed several times in my life in different cities and towns at different hours of the day/night . It doesn’t matter what the police presence is or how smart you are….

    Rather than bitching, propose solutions. IF you want more cops, figure out a way to pay for it. If you think the cops priories are wrong, create a forum to offer them a better solution. If you hate Georgetown or it’s neighborhood, i can recommend some great universities located in the middle of nowhere with lower crimes stats. If you don;t want to be a part of the solution, get out and stop being a part of the problem.

    I’ve lived in many cities, and many more neighborhoods. You don;t realize how lucky you are to be in Georgetown or have police we have…

  7. The incident happened at 2:00 AM, not at 3:16 AM. If I had to guess, she was coming home from a bar. Lots of Georgetown students that live on campus go to bars on M Street on Thursday night. Many others live off campus and go to the library and come back late. Would running a DPS car up and down either Prospect or N between campus and Wisconsin for a couple hours at night cripple the university financially? How many assaults need to happen to students on these few blocks before the university does something to make this street safer?

  8. 2am is no safer than 3am. “How many assaults need to happen before the university does something”? It’s already been to many! But how many times does it need to happen before students realize it’s not safe. I’m a 35 year old man and i don;t feel safe once it gets dark. I always look over my shoulder and stay on well lit streets. I can’t imagine what its like for a college age girl. I’d love more patrols, but that’s not the only solution. Why don’t students do group patrols with a professor as community service. Practice what you preach.

  9. I agree with DC GUY’s points. Students and residents (of which I am one) all want the same thing, a safe Georgetown. The residents, through the Citizens Association of Georgetown, pay for extra patrols every night by off-duty officers who help keep all of us safer.

    But I have seen few if any students, other than the student ANC rep, at the monthly police briefings prior to ANC meetings at which exactly these things are discussed. Residents often ask for foot patrols and the officers respond that this is possible, but the trade-off in terms of response times to 911 calls when an officer is on foot is difficult. Residents ask Jack Evans, our city councilman, for more officers, and he tells us how much they cost ($60k each) and what he’s trying to do to get more. It’s community discussions like this that led to resident-funded off-duty patrol cars.

    But Georgetown, because it is in a city, will ALWAYS have crime. That’s why students and residents MUST avoid walking alone at 2am. It is obviously not the woman’s fault that she was assaulted. But, the fact that bars and the library are open that late does not mean that suddenly one can walk home alone safely in the 5th largest American city at 2am. Students must make sure that they have someone to walk home with before staying out that late.

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  11. Five summers ago, i was physically assaulted at 6:30pm, it was still light out, so these latest attacks don’t surprise me.
    Fortunately for me, a guy in a truck stopped and helped. The police caught the attacker & locked him up.
    Women walking by themselves should be careful & aware at all times. When i’m in Gtown at a bar, i always grab the bus or a cab home, even though i could walk.

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