Where to enjoy the fresh air on 4/20

There’s something about 4/20 that makes it wonderful day to get out and fill your lungs with … spring air. We’re at a balmy 62 degrees as Vox is writing this, and with no wind or rain in sight, tonight would be the perfect night to enjoy nature. Of course, you have to be choosy about where you do so, as not everyone appreciates, uh, nature lovers.

Below is a list the Voice staff put together last year of their favorite places to take in the fresh air, with a few additions from this year’s staff. After that, we’ve listed places where the Department of Public Safety has most frequently caught students going green—places you might want to avoid.

Our disclaimed this year is the same as last: the Voice would never encourage illegal behavior, just a healthy appreciation of nature.

  • The forest or meadow area behind Yates: You get there by walking west on Reservoir for a few blocks from the hospital. It’s nice and secluded and you can even spot the occasional deer.
  • The soccer field next to Kehoe: This gated community isn’t your father’s country club, but it’ll do. You can sit out on the benches in hopes of witnessing a helicopter landing and, if your plans call for more privacy, the Port-o-Potties are always available.
  • The Observatory: What could be better than gather around the pond and listening to the water slowly cascading? A little bit in the open, true, but the calm in the air is worth the risk. Just keep your running shoes on.

  • The Georgetown Visitation sports field: It may seem wide-open, but at night, it’s nice and empty. Getting there requires a little dexterity—going under or over the fence.
  • The Potomac Waterfront: A lovely place, as long as it’s not too crowded.
  • The bathrooms in the New South practice rooms: The ultimate in privacy when there isn’t a dance rehearsal going on. Convenient for Village A residents who won’t have much luck taking in the air on their rooftops.
  • Your dorm room: Too dreary for you outside? No reason you can’t observe the beauty of campus from your window. Just make sure you’ve invested in Febreze—some people (like DPS officers) aren’t as fond of the scents of nature as others.

Based on Vox research for this school year, here are some places that are less-than-ideal for appreciating nature:

  • Outside of Henle: Don’t let the isolated feeling of this little village fool you. DPS will not appreciate it if you hang out here.
  • Village A: Ditto the rooftops of these apartments. While their convenience, view, and peacefulness are all enticing, they’re not the safest place to enjoy nature unmolested.
  • A warning about dorm rooms: Although there wasn’t really a pattern for which dorms’ enjoyment of fresh air was targeted the most—except for Village C—about half of all those purple markers on our maps come from random dorms. Something to keep in mind.

32 Comments on “Where to enjoy the fresh air on 4/20

  1. Pabs is right: Section 23 on page 14.

    Also, this is the most ridiculous Vox post ever. It reminds me of why I used to this the Voice was crap. Vox almost saved it, but apparently, you are still the most disgraceful “news” outlet on campus.

  2. @Tim
    Clearly, providing news that students actually want to read about is bad journalism. This is a disgrace, an outrage, and an atrocity to people like me who would much rather read about minor GUSA happenings, most of which concern just about no one.

  3. I mean it just shows a lack of class. I’m sure a lot of male students would love a detailed map showing the best spots to pick up drunk chicks, but no one would (or should) put up that article. I just want the Voice (for once) to show some class.

  4. “We shall attempt with all our energy to inform the community, to make the community conscious of controversial subjects by an open presentation and discussion of relevant issues, to communicate a culture, and to entertain our readers.”

  5. If the Thought Police come down on The Hoya every time that paper uses the word “black,” then where are they when this blog promotes illegal drug use on campus?

  6. Tim, I’m pretty sure your “Thought Police” (by whom you mean, rightfully-outraged/offended students?) care more about a campus “newspaper of record” promoting racism than about a lighthearted post alluding to what everyone knows plenty of students will be commemorating today. since when is private enjoyment of “nature” worse than or equivalent to a public display of misogyny/bigotry/racism?

  7. @ @Tim

    I see them as “satire” (for the most part…a few of those articles were crossing the line) and “promoting the public use of illegal drugs.” And I really hope it’s not the “plenty” that you think it is.

  8. “I mean it just shows a lack of class. I’m sure a lot of male students would love a detailed map showing the best spots to pick up drunk chicks, but no one would (or should) put up that article. I just want the Voice (for once) to show some class.”

    Yes, Common Sense, I agree that recognizing that 4/20 is international pot-smoking day and thus providing some comments about safe places to smoke is equal to the Voice providing information about where to find and prey upon drunk girls. The two are entirely the same both in the damage they cause to individuals and to society. They are also both crudely sexist and feed into stereotypes. You greatly honor your name.

  9. I like Vox usually, but I have to agree with Common Sense. Just because you can doesn’t mean that you should.

  10. This post is more obnoxious than anything else. The Voice (and particularly this blog) is good stuff, but when it lapses into the whole “look at us! We’re the alternative publication, with our converse shoe stepping on the seal! Telling people where to smoke on 4/20 in an evasive, semi-jokey way!” – blegh. How un-clever. Over the last few years, this publication has thankfully moved away from that stance, but when it rears its head, it reminds me of how painfully predictable the Voice once was.

  11. I do wish that Vox, like with the St. Patrick’s Day pissing post, would emphasize that DPS doesn’t mess around with either UIPs or weed. While I fully endorse both activities, Georgetown takes both victimless crimes very, very seriously. People have gotten taken to VCW by DPS for a UIP, and I’ve seen a full-on DPS raid with about half a dozen officers for an apartment smelling like marijuana, and 3 DPS officers for a smoke-smelling dorm. I’d hate for an impressionable underclassman to think that Georgetown takes anything less than the most paternalistic stance possible toward marijuana and end up getting punished much more severely than this post would suggest.

  12. That knowing DPS is most likely not out you know. . . Stopping armed robberies. . . one of the officers might stumble onto this article while surfing the Internet. And then these spots will be the exact opposite of where you should be enjoying nature tonight.

  13. Good thing I won’t be working for the Federal Government with the likes of Tim, the arbiter of moral righteousness, anytime soon. But seriously, the Voice needs to understand how offended DOPS gets by this kind of reporting, and how they read it and then decide to go on a crack-down. I guarantee you they will be out in full force tonight. My only advice: roll something up so you can dispose of any and all evidence. As lil wayne says “Penn and Teller dutchie” – now you see it, now you don’t.

  14. What’s wrong with having morals? It’s not Tim’s fault you like smoking pot.

  15. Who cares? People can enjoy pot responsibly just like they can enjoy a few beers responsibly. Marijuana’s illegality is dumb and there’s no reason anyone should follow the laws regarding it (except for pure self-interest). There’s nothing “immoral” about smoking pot either, and, if you think there is, I hope that you have never gotten tipsy. Plus, it’s a campus blog… it’s not the front page of the WaPo.

    Either way, @”the irony is” is right. Any sensible person is going to keep far the fuck away from these places… Just like when Vox posted that Gtown has a great drug policy and then, shocker, drug incidents on the DPS report spiked.

  16. yeaaaa brah, I’m in college…weed and weezy 4 life

  17. Congratulations on using a half baked metaphor to not only talk about but promote pot usage, Vox. You’re such a rebel, really breaking the mold on this one. What’s next week’s big idea? A petition for Pink Floyd to play Live 8 again? That would be totally sick, man.

    In civilized countries, they quash deviant behaviors like drug use. It’s a pity that here all the violators will get is a knowing wink from their follow travelers and a slap on the wrist from DPS as they squander Daddy’s money. What the heck is wrong with this campus!? We need less Mary Jane and more Hail Marys! Less Tokers and more Tocquevilles! Less THC and More IHS!

  18. Hey Jacob,
    You ruined your great point with your lame closing series of statements.
    jimmy dean

  19. What is it about irreverent Vox posts that brings out all the self-righteous blowhards of the student body? sigh…

  20. What is it about Vox that brings out the very worst of the student body?

  21. How are old you, dude? I’m guessing 60+. Also, I think the U.S. qualifies as a “civilized country.”

  22. Wow, I had no idea so many FASCISTS read this blog. Luckily the DC city council voted to legalize medical marijuana today. If all goes well, we should all be able to smoke the stuff legally come next 4/20.

  23. You realize that by writing this article it destroys the beauty of these spots in the first place. It’s not just poor journalism, it’s downright counterproductive.

  24. Thanks @TIM, you hit the nail on the head. I wish that conceited a-hole would stop clogging up the thread on every story with his pompous comments. Just tone it down, Tim. Seriously.

  25. Thank god the City Council isn’t filled with the same self-righteous blowhards as Georgetown University.

    A few months from now, half of campus will have prescriptions for the stuff…

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  27. With Georgetown Day coming up, a post mapping out easily accessible bathrooms around campus (such as the aforementioned New South practice room ones and the one near McNeir auditorium) would be a great service to us all!

    It might actually help us not get caught by DPS…

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