Transportation integration: Circulator will take over Blue Bus route this fall

In a city where a lot of transportation options are subpar (or are being rerouted by neighbors who complain that GUTS buses shake the foundations of their houses but apparently WMATA buses don’t—what?) you can never have too much Circulator.

Clean, reliable, cheap, it’s good to know that the Circulator will soon by doubling down on Georgetown. The District Department of Transportation has already agreed to the Circulator’s takeover of the Blue Bus route that connects Rosslyn to Dupont Metro Stations via Georgetown. Question was, when?

This fall, Georgetown Metropolitan found out with a little digging.

Although John Lisle, a spokesperson for DDOT, said that the new route will not cost the city additional money because it is nixing the smaller Blue Buses, the takeover does mean that the Georgetown Business Improvement District will lose control of the route. Hopefully this doesn’t mean we risk future threats of route cutting to the Georgetown area.

GM also wondered whether the Circulator will follow the same route as the Blue Bus, which stops at N and 19th, several blocks away from the Dupont Metro Station on an out-of-the-way corner. That raises another question—have those Blue Buses ever been full enough to warrant a whole new Circulator route?

6 Comments on “Transportation integration: Circulator will take over Blue Bus route this fall

  1. As much as I like Circulator…the other day I had to wait 45 minutes for a bus. And that’s not the first time. They’re reliable a majority of the time, but when they fuck up, they fuck up badly. And they don’t have a number to call at the bus stop to track the bus, like WMATA.

  2. Are you sure that number you call actually tracks the bus for WMATA? I just thought it was a computer that spit out a timetable.

  3. No it’s real time tracking. It’s pretty great, actually.

  4. Go to almost any other city in the country, besides New York, Chicago and Boston, then come back and tell me DC’s transportation options are subpar. DC has a very good transportation network, and it is certainly not subpar. But then again, the Voice doesn’t bother themselves with “facts” and “fact-checking”.

  5. I don’t see how a judgment of something being subpar has to do with fact-checking…it’s a reasonably subjective and relative judgment. WMATA is pretty subpar compared to some European transit systems that are cleaner, more clear, and more reliable. But it is better, maybe in some ways, than MTA.

  6. @Not Journalism

    cant speak for Julie – but Im pretty sure that she was talking specifically about Georgetown transportation options, which considering we’re the only DC school without a metro stop, GUTS busses sometimes run only every 20 minutes (or not at all – weekends) I would consider Gtown-specific transit pretty subpar. Half the problem is that most students dont really know that there are other options besides GUTS to get out of Georgetown. But hey, Im all for higher capacity Circulators.

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