MTV peeks inside a Georgetown home

Since Real World: DC ended, you may not be meeting your quota of watching over-privileged kids live extravagantly in the Nation’s Capital. Never fear, though, because MTV’s got another dose of the good stuff: Teen Cribs, Georgetown Edition.

Apparently MTV Cribs was so wildly popular that it has been resurrected in the form of Teen Cribs, where the camera follows teenage who, by sheer luck, were born into wildly decadent homes. Georgetown Metropolitan dug up a recent episode that features at a home right in our neighborhood—1633 29th Street, to be exact. Check it out around the 14:45 mark.

I’m not really sure where to start. These kids are named Bo, Tucker, Gibson, and Gussie. Their parents are “venture capitalists.” They play lacrosse. They are terrible actors. And, like all other spoiled children of rich people, they are full of themselves. Bo has “taken fifty or sixty thousand pictures.” Gibson’s room is lined with sports trophies, and his family comes to all his games because they are in, in his words, “[The] bomb dot com.” Gussie, who seems to be a mix between Ann Coulter and a rugby player, rolls up on a Vespa and takes us to the family’s own private lacrosse field. And of course, the kids constantly remind us how “blessed” they are to have shit like a trampoline and a two-story pool-house while living in D.C.

Despite the cheesy lines and overdone opulence, I have to say that my favorite part of Teen Cribs is excessive number of people hanging out in every room of the house. Who knew that Georgetown residents had so many friends?

22 Comments on “MTV peeks inside a Georgetown home

  1. Gosh this is a terrible post. Bring back Molly, please. I can already sense Vox descending into mediocrity (even more so than before)

  2. As a born and raised georgetowner, I’m pretty appalled that vox would stoop to the level of critiquing random b list reality shows. Obviously they have all been manhandled to death to show a certain image. I have been close friends with the family on that episode since preschool. Tucker was my best friend throughout my childhood. All of the stuff you said is very misinformed. Sure they have a nice house, but you yourself even admitted the stupid dialogue was scripted. Anyways, I’m pretty offended now. You just made the blog look terrible. Congrats!

  3. I agree with Anonymous. How dare Vox publish that a Georgetown family was in a reality show on basic cable and then use the opportunity to criticize their excess and privilege! It’s not like people like us want to flaunt our wealth, it’s that the disheveled masses can’t resist gawking at our largess. God I’m offended. I think I might cool my anger Tucker’s pool or perhaps take a bounce on their trampoline. The only way to alleviate such anger is to know that people like Vox writers have to go to a public pool to have such happiness. You mad!

  4. I wonder what would happen if I made a post mocking poverty in SE DC under the moniker “Shaniqua Mo’Nique Jenkins.”

    Ya’ll a bunch of hypocritical bigots on this blog.

  5. You would be yelled at, because poverty sucks. Being wealthy, as far as I know (and I might be mistaken here), does NOT suck.

  6. Haha, I’m obsessed with this, and, really, I might feel differently about gawking at Gtowners if they didn’t ruin everything from parties to guts bus routes.

  7. The decorating of the house is hideous and tacky, but the place is gorgeous, especially the backyard/poolhouse.

    [Comment removed by the editor.]

  8. make fun of the show all you want, because it is ridiculous, and it was scripted, but don’t go around making fun of a 14 year old girl and speculating about her sexual orientation

  9. How dare you comment on this family’s private life! It’s not like they asked a camera crew to come in and broadcast them on a national cable channel…uh..wait…never mind

  10. As someone who knows this family very well I am extremely disturbed by the blog post and the comments. Live your own lives and stop criticizing other people who happen to have worked hard and made money. This is one of the most generous families I know, continually giving back to the Georgetown and DC Metropolitan community. Also, discussing the sexual orientation of a 14yo girl based on her name is disgusting.

  11. You spelled capital wrong. Capitol is the building, capital is the city. I learned that in 4th grade, literally. Come on, you go to Georgetown!

  12. @Typical

    Thanks for catching my (admittedly dumb) typo.

  13. Including me, there are only four posters in these comments.

  14. “Gibson’s room is lined with sports trophies, and his family comes to all his games because they are in, in his words, ‘[The] bomb dot com.'”

    Wait … you’re making fun of a kid because he’s grateful to his parents for showing an interest in his activities?

  15. “Teen Cribs” has got to be one of the most offensive, nefarious shows on television. I volunteer a lot of my time with kids on the other side of the Anacostia. They weren’t “blessed” with pool houses or two-acre backyards. Instead, they were (what would the Johns family consider the opposite of “blessed?” “Cursed?”) with a two-room section 8 apartment. They don’t get to sleep in bedrooms “designed to look like cabins”, they get one corner of a room and sleep on the floor. They don’t come home from a day at St. Albans and “chill” to their own jukebox, they run (for their lives) home from a temporary holding pen the DC government calls a school and and turn on the TV to watch this shit. I wonder what that does to a kid. Oh wait, no I don’t – it makes them seethe with rage and hopelessness. I don’t begrudge anyone’s wealth, but flaunting it is simply cruel. But hey, I bet it will make for great personal statement fodder when the Johns children apply to college. The kids I work with (the very, very few who dare to dream of college) will probably write about more mundane stuff like dodging bullets and being homeless. Its the bomb dot com!

  16. I thought the post was funny. Maybe that’s because I think the show is funny (aka laughably idiotic).

  17. Jeff, prefacing your comment as someone who knows the family makes me care so much less that you’ve got your panties all in a bunch about Vox critiquing annoying teenagers that make an ass of themselves on TV. They put themselves out in the public sphere for everyone to see, you moron. Now sites like Vox, and other sites that follow shows relevant to Georgetown and DC, aren’t supposed to talk about it? This family is on a television show broadcasting their stupidity across the nation. If they were so concerned with privacy they wouldn’t have opened their (gaudy) home to cameras, smart stuff. Furthermore, if the girl is ugly as sin she very well may look like a combo of a rugby player and Anne Coulter. That has nothing to do with her sexual orientation, yet everything to do with terrible, terrible genes.


    Those kids suck, probably more then their parents. Odds are they’ll get addicted to coke at boarding school, go to some shitty private school like Radford, get a job at some mid-level accounting firm and end up fat and lazy without ever accomplishing anything in life.

    I have a sneaking suspicion my middle-class ass will get the last laugh.

  19. Actually none of them go to boarding school, nor “shitty” colleges. If you care that much, you can look it up yourself. This post is ridiculous. Anyone in Georgetown or people who know the family would know how generous they are, and how much they give back to the community. Teen Cribs was done as something fun to do, and nobody was trying to ‘flaunt’ anything, but rather do what the producers said to make a good TV show. This also happened MONTHS ago.. Where were you then Julie Patterson?!

  20. Oh yay! I’m glad I sparked some convo. I’m so special! And yes, the Johns family is super wealthy, and you all are jealous, and it seems ridiculous in every way, but don’t I have a right to stick up for some of my closest family friends? Does it make you all feel just a little bit bad about saying that I am defending my co-millionnaires when I tell you that I’m on financial aid at georgetown? hmmm…very interesting posts. You all hate rich people. Then why are you at georgetown? Why don’t you all sign up for UDC and mingle with people “just like you”? also, IT’S TEEN CRIBS YOU FUCKTARDS give it up and just let me be right already! Because I already am!

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