Resident blogs about, photographs partying Georgetown students

Be wary the next time you head out to an off-campus party—you just might end up on “Drunken Georgetown Students,” a website run by a Burleith resident which publishes photographs and written accounts of off-campus student life.

The site, which dubs Georgetown “AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL,” is run by neighbor and former American University professor Stephen R. Brown. Besides being a place for him to make bizarre claims like, “Unfortunately if two students hadn’t died on campus this year in alcohol related students (and who knows how many more that are ‘in official denial’, it might be amusing,” he makes as suggestions on the site about how Georgetown and Burleith residents can best report student disturbances.

In an interview this afternoon, Brown, a Villanova graduate, said, “I live across from six student houses and two young professional houses. I document what happens in the alley … I report everything to the police that is put on the blog … [The site] is just an attempt to make sure that the University is aware that there’s trouble.”

In addition to publishing photographs of students, Brown also posts residents’ accounts of student activity off-campus.

“I don’t consult with [the students who I photograph.] I’m doing what I’m doing … I have the First Amendment right to photograph whatever is going on,” he claimed.

While the only photographs currently posted to the site are his own, Brown hopes to post other residents’ photographs of students in the future.

“I might run a contest. I was thinking of having a drunken Georgetown student photo contest,” Brown said. “Maybe we could have a urination category.”

After the jump, check out some excerpts Vox plucked from Brown’s site.

On 61D violations

Amazingly enough, a 61D only carries a $35.00 fine so hardly worth the effort. The sign above says “Maximum Fine $500.00…10 days in jail” so I think we need to go for the max….!

On students’ counting skills

We did learn that one of the drunken Georgetown students alcohol games involved counting up to fourteen. I was suprised they could get that high.

On preventing “tragic deaths”

There’s a long history of drunkenness in Georgetown so…if you see bad behavior, make a phone call. You not only help yourself, you help a student perhaps study for an exam or a neighbor write a book. You may even prevent a “tragic death.”

On vague threats to Georgetown students

And if you are living in one of those houses that gets mentioned on this site, make sure that you let the security officials who are doing your background check for a job make sure that you lived there. This little website may stand between you and a good job but if your’re an alcoholic…that won’t really matter.

On Georgetown President Jack “DeJoia

I wonder what Jack DeJoia is thinking as he tries to build a globally branded University with a bunch of drunken students as his forward advertising campaign?

On frustrations about the private lives of Georgetown administrators:

email Dean Jeanne Lord and Ann Koester and call them at 202-687-5138 in the morning. They will not share their home phone numbers!!!

On the Voice and its “frightening” journalism

This article is quite frightening

On a future viral campaign

I am starting a mock advertising campaign referencing Georgetown and binge drinking and if you have any ideas, feel free to submit them. This could be fun!!…and it could be viral!

78 Comments on “Resident blogs about, photographs partying Georgetown students

  1. Does anyone else get the sense that this guy had a really lonely childhood?

  2. Somebody needs to take pictures of this guy whenever he’s in his yard or on his porch etc and post them on a site like,

  3. Sounds like Stephen Brown needs to get the stick out of his ass that was wedged in there during his Nova days and further rammed up from AU. Now it’s penetrating his brain… poor bloke.

  4. I hacked my way through most of that website… there really are some bizarre, incoherent ramblings that disturb me a little.

  5. I was at the campus plan meeting last night. These neighbors are as irrational as we all fear. And they talk about students like they’re packs of wild dogs. It is disgraceful. They act like children—entitled, demanding, uncompromising children.

    Unfortunately, Georgetown does a terrible job at defending itself and rebuking the opposition, so we’ll never get anywhere.

  6. turning themselves into TMZ to garner respect.
    Also that website looks like it was made with TextEdit and MSpaint

  7. From a public Yellow Pages search:

    [Comment removed by editor. Although Stephen R. Brown post others’ personal information online, let’s avoid nonsense like that around here.]

  8. Did Brown say what possessed him to move to a house three blocks away from a university? A college professor of all people, should have a clue what college kids get up to. Plus, it’s pretty horrifying that a college professor has such a poor grasp on the English language.

  9. My entire freshman year I went to one party in Burleith. I and my first year friends spent our weekends at parties in Village A, Village B, Henle Village and the houses between 36th and 37th Streets. Ever since the 2007 alcohol policy was passed, student parties have been pushed further off campus so as to avoid DPS and RAs. Want a safer and quieter Georgetown? Reverse the keg limit and move the parties back to the rooftops.

  10. why do i feel like the killjoy who maintains this site would have been big into the prohibition movement in the early 20th century…

  11. And another thing – even if you live in some bizarro internet from the year 2000 that does not mean you can cite This Article as being from (April 21, 2010). It appeared in the February 5, 2000 edition of MIT’s The Tech.

    I feel bad for the AU students that had to take classes from “Professor” Brown.

  12. Brown on 4/17/10: “I fell asleep early last night so missed the hi-jiniks which accompany every weekend night in Georgetown. ”

    Mr. Brown, I know that you went to a second-rate school where intelligence and fun go to die, but even you must know that writing a post about falling asleep early on a Friday night does not validate the accusation that Georgetown students are always raucously drunken and loud.

  13. Clearly a case of “the pot called the kettle black” in that perhaps it would behoove Professor Brown to look into the antics of students at his alma mater, Villanova University before condemning Georgetown as “AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL.” Or does he labor under the mythos that Christ himself founded that institution and that every graduate is without blemish of sin or fault. Give me a break and get back in touch with the students you purport to teach!

  14. Seriously, if I were a student living at one of these houses, or a student in one of the pictures, I would sue Brown under a false light claim.

    Brown may well have a First Amendment right to publish the pictures (though here we get into the invasion of privacy tort and what reasonable expectations of privacy are — it would vary, depending on the lengths Brown went to take the photos), but his accompanying website text can cast these students in a false light.

    By juxtaposing text and pictures, Brown is essentially representing that every person pictured in these photographs is an “alcoholic,” who is “frequently violent and unreasonable.”

    For a false light claim, all you need is:
    1. a public disclosure of
    2. a false statement, representation, or imputation
    3. about the plaintiff that
    4. would be highly offensive to a reasonable person.

    1. Public Disclosure It’s on a public website. This is absolutely public disclosure.

    2. False statement — again, claiming that everyone pictured in the photos is drunk, alcoholic and frequently violent and unreasonable (not to mention the other text he accompanies specific photos with) is actionable. He’s casting a very wide and libelous net — and the entire content of the website is moreover designed to lead the reader to the conclusion that anyone pictured on there is a ‘drunken Georgetown student’.

    3. About the plaintiff — The individuals don’t need to be identified by name. The mere fact that they are pictured on the site is enough; also, by listing the residences involved, it identifies all individuals living there.

    4. That would be highly offensive to a reasonable person — Check.

    As these students aren’t public figures, there’s not even a need to prove actual malice (although that wouldn’t be hard). Mere negligence is enough.

    So, yeah. Good luck with that site, jackass.

  15. Here is this guy’s address and phone number since he is so intent on putting everyone else’s on his site:

    [Comment removed by editor]

  16. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and I can say without hyperbole that this is a million times worse than all of them put together.

  17. Students in the photos that Brown publishes should sue him (assuming that they weren’t drunk or alcoholics) for buckets of money, especially when he’s making veiled threats about security clearances that show his intent to damage their careers.

    Also, The Voice *should* publish Brown’s address so that students can be appropriately warned of Brown’s activities around them. It should do so with the proviso that it discourages illegal or harassing retaliation against Brown, but that information is information that the student body should be aware of, especially since Brown is engaging in potentially damaging activities around his home.

  18. I listed Brown’s address so that students can be appropriately warned of Brown’s activities around them. Obviously, there should be no harassing, stalking, or any illegal action against Brown. But if he is stalking students then they should at least be aware of his location. Also, his address and telephone # are both public information and listed on his own web site.

  19. Brown’s website frightens me for the safety and security of Georgetown’s students. Posting photographs of others without permission sounds rather dicey, and is not protected under the First Amendment.

    It seems like Brown has a grudge against Georgetown University as an institution. I feel like either he was rejected and had to choose Villanova instead, or couldn’t get a job there and was forced to settle for AU.

    I hope he chooses to stop acting childish and realize that no one forced him to live in Georgetown.

  20. Furthermore, he lists students addresses along with their unauthorized pictures which im pretty sure is illegal.

  21. I emailed this tip to the blog at 11:24 p.m. last night, and then they said thanks, they had seen it, and wasn’t it crazy. Looks like the Voice didn’t publish it because they were waiting to hear back from the guy who ran the site. You know, reporting.

    Meanwhile, let’s look at a few the things the Hoya has stolen from the Voice without recognition in the last few months:




    I won’t list any more since it’s hard to keep track of them all and I know y’all have a racist newspaper to put together.

  22. @Ricky

    We’re not going to do that around here. I agree that students need to know what he’s doing, but Mr. Brown’s phone number and address can be found elsewhere.

  23. Chris,

    Understand and totally agree. Thanks.


  24. @Chris: If you aren’t going to publish his specific address, you should at least note very explicitly the specific areas in Burleith that he’s been photographing and where he’s likely to do so in the future, all as a public service to students.

  25. These pictures don’t even look like parties… They are a group of what appears to be no more than 12 people. This guy needs to reevaluate how he defines a party.

    Furthermore, if the Georgetown administration doesn’t do something to protect the rights of their students, including use of lawyers, I am going to be furious.

  26. @ugh

    Mr. Brown lists addresses that correspond with each of his photos. I just took another quick glance at the site, and it seems to me that most of the photos were taken north of Reservoir Road along 37th Street.

  27. The domain is operated via Heller Information Services, and contains an acceptable use policy:

    Email — I’ll state right now that I don’t have the time, but I’d highly recommend it to anyone, especially those residents targeted. You can argue both harassment and false light claims (see above).

    HIS Acceptable Use Policy

    # You may use the service for any legal purpose. You may not use the service for illegal purposes.

    # You may not use the service to abuse or harrass others.

    # Violation of the HIS acceptable use policy will result in termination of service.
    # HIS reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  28. Chiming in on the violation of reasonable expectation of privacy here. ESPECIALLY since I highly doubt he’s making sure that all of the people in his photographs are of the age of majority – plenty of Georgetown freshmen are not yet 18 by the start of freshman year, and as bad as it is to publish publicly photographs of adults without their consent, publishing photographs of minors without their parents’ consent is worse. Come on – if news programs have to blur out the faces of people walking in the background, there’s no WAY Brown’s pictures are legal. I say, find your face, find a lawyer, and sue this bitter old man who’s making American University look seriously bad.

    (Villanova, I’ve noticed, has a habit of turning out graduates – even graduates in ENGLISH – with truly atrocious English grammar, so he’s not hurting their reputation)

  29. Ricky, you’re absolutely right. The pictures should really be taken down (well, the whole site should, but I won’t get greedy).
    How does one file a false light claim in DC?

  30. I’m guessing there will be more urine puddles in this man’s backyard after this.

  31. @Concerned Contact a lawyer or DC Law Students in Court. They would start by sending Mr. Brown a demand to remove the pictures from the website. If he failed to comply, you would file a complaint in DC Superior Court.

  32. @Matt,

    I e-mailed Heller Information Services like you posted… thanks for the info! I figured that might be an easier way to get rid of this page (ordinarily, the neighbors’ inflammatory remarks amuse me more than upset me, but this website is disgusting) than going through the legal process that @Concerned mentioned.

    I encourage others to do it! The body of the e-mail said:


    It’s come to my attention that the website,, a domain you operate, is in violation of your Acceptable Use Policies. According to your website, HIS websites “may not use the service to abuse or harass others” and that violation of this policy will “result in termination of service.” This information is listed on your site:

    Mr. Brown, who runs this site, has posted photographs taken without the permission of those in the photograph, and posted without their permission on a public website. His comments regarding every individual photograph are libelous and could damage the reputation of the individuals in the photographs. Moreover, he publicly lists the personal addresses of these individuals and uses gross generalizations like “Be careful, drunken persons are frequently violent and unreasonable so “reasoning” with them isn’t a great plan” with reference to the individuals photographed and to the wider Georgetown University population.

    Please consider speaking with Mr. Brown about these violations.

    — Feel free to copy/paste/tweak and send to HIS too!

  33. @Concerned

    I’d go the administrative route with HIS first. Filing a lawsuit is expensive, and you can’t sue in Small Claims Court since it’s about reputational damages, and you’d presumably be requesting equitable relief (an injunction against Brown to take down the site) as well as damages. Filing fees are expensive ($120 to file a claim in DC Superior Court, plus additional fees to serve process) as are responding to motions if the other side gets a lawyer. You’d most certainly be best served by getting a lawyer — though if everyone from the affected houses chipped in and jointly retained one, it could certainly cut down on costs.

    But, yeah. Litigation is slow and expensive.

  34. (I didn’t really proof-read that e-mail, so the second paragraph is a little sloppy… oh well. Point got across)

  35. “fact checker” would have a field day on that site. What a mean-spirited dude, this Brown guy is.

    Really, this guy should just pay a little extra and spring for a Drupal or something instead of running a site from 1999. They have businesses now that prepackage Web sites so any Villanova sasquatch can make a Web site. My guess: he worked on Arpanet, still writes in Fortran and is nostalgic for the good old days when it was acceptable for him to get a little drunk in college, too. But now people have flash Web sites, write in C++ and tell him he’s creepy when he’s had four or five, so no fun for ANYONE!

  36. It looks to me like there’s some kind of bot lurking around VoxPop posts that just copies someone’s comments and includes a name that’s linked to a blog (for spam/ad purposes). See “Sarah” ripping off “Concerned…”‘s post, and “Simon” ripping off “Policy Changes”‘s. Both link to sites that have the same format.

    Chris Heller, other Vox Pop eds, any ideas what’s up with this / how to fix?

  37. @Matt

    I noticed that earlier today too. I’m looking into updating the spam filter we use at Vox, but for now I’ll take care of them one-by-one.

  38. And also American, this guy probably attended some night classes at Syracuse too.

  39. If anyone wants to sit-in on the next meeting of Citizens Association of Georgetown to actually represent the student and University’s position (constructively of course), they are having their next meeting on May 10 at the Four Seasons at 7:30.

    If GU won’t do anything to represent students in the neighborhood we are going to have to do it ourselves

  40. Ugh. What kind of sick bastard a) makes light of a student dying and b) does so by way of an article about an event that happened TEN YEARS AGO, before any of us were here?

    Stephen: you’ve obviously got some sort of serious mental problems. Instead of taking them out on the poor, defenseless Internet, why don’t you sit inside, doubtlessly accompanied by your 37 cats and maybe the skeleton of a close relative?

  41. Aww, c’mon guys, leave Stephen alone. I actually feel bad for the guy. I mean, he found the perfect house in a “Village in the City”, and overnight a medium-sized research university springs up out of the ground! I mean, there’s no way he’d launch such a bitter website had he known that Burleith is only a few blocks from Georgetown University, right?

  42. Pingback: Party poopers « Campus Drive

  43. Hire me and Stephen to shoot your next party!!!! Whoever said Stephen is the Cobrasnake of Georgetown is right– professional party photography is the next big thing for Burleith. Hire us to capture the special moments of your party like making animal noises in a pool, broing out with officer crist, or reaching the point in the party where there are like 8 people in your backyard/porch.

    We’ll be cross-posting the photos for your Monday morning viewing pleasure on spectacular table-based nightlife websites including,, and

    Rates are highly competitive as we’re stuck in the past. We can also shoot video if we can ever get those videos to decompress!!!!!!!gahhhhh

  44. To Mr. Brown,

    I hope this message finds you well. As a student of Georgetown, I am writing to you in response to your enlightened website, “DRUNKEN GEORGETOWN STUDENTS.COM: AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL.” In this case, I will give you the benefit of the doubt that your use of capitals results from a combination of your apparent frustration and an attempt to increase marketing, rather than the technological ineptitude that plagues the rest of your site. Furthermore, I applaud your recognition of the fact that capital letters can effectively draw the attention of your colleagues in the intellectually challenged community.

    Upon completing my perusal of your site, which I assume from its high quality and organization was constructed by your pre-school nephew (I further assume that your obsession with others’ lives serves as a diversion from the fact that you are middle-aged, unmarried and thus without children of your own, and that you most likely own cats), I was struck by several key points:

    1. For a university professor, you display an astounding lack of command in English grammar and spelling (unrelated to my greater thesis, but both generally amusing and a cause for great fear regarding your students’ futures).
    2. Your only contact with society seems to be with the police and other authority figures that are bound by the nature of their employ to interact with you.
    3. You enjoy taking close-up photographs of teenage students at night.
    4. Your extreme disillusionment regarding the realities of living in a college neighborhood is indicative of severe psychological damage.

    In considering these notes in concert, I am forced to assume that you suffer from an acute case of covert pedophilia; your focus on male students also suggests latent homosexual tendencies. This becomes increasingly worrisome considering your extensive background in amateur photography ( I would refer you to the following website, which can provide you with some resources that may be helpful to your circumstances: Should you not find solace here, I recommend exploring the Catholic priesthood.

    Your classification of students as “pigs” and your focus on a young woman making “woof” and “quack” noises causes additional concern regarding bestiality. Especially in light of your ownership of cats (see above), I have serious apprehensions about this development. Should you wish to do the right thing and turn yourself in, you can write to the ASPCA at the following address, or contact the police (you seem to know them fairly well already, so I don’t imagine I need to provide contact information for them):

    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)
    424 E. 92nd St
    New York, NY 10128-6804

    Should I prove incorrect in any of my reasoning here, I apologize; as a logic-minded individual, I often find that I can focus too much on the details without thinking creatively about other possibilities.

    However, I do expect that with the “intellectual prowess” among Georgetown students that you so praise on your website, my peers will happen across the following website: Should you be interested, you’ll find some wonderful information there explaining how, in classifying all Georgetown students as “unreasonable,” “alcoholics,” and “pigs,” you make yourself quite the eligible candidate for the receipt of a false light claim. While some of my peers may disregard your website, both I and my father (an attorney who I alerted about your activities earlier this afternoon) agree with your statement that, as far as fines and jail time for offenders go, “…we need to go for the max….!”

    I wish the best of luck to you and all of your cats (they’ll need it), and look forward to having further contact with you in the future.

    Warmest regards,
    Joe Hoya

  45. I’d like the people identified in the photos to be made aware of this and quickly get a lawsuit together. There are causes of action for false light and invasion of privacy. Getting an injunction or restraining order against this guy will be a good first step. If he continues, one could even seek to get his computers and cameras seized.

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