“Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot

Drunkengeorgetownstudents.com, the website every Georgetown student loves to hate, was taken offline these evening by server host Heller Information Services (HIS), only to reappear hours later at drunkengeorgetownstudents.blogspot.com.

“I was pressured by the server to take [the site] down,” Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, said in a telephone interview. “I was told that at 7 p.m. tonight they would shut it down and they did.”

In coverage earlier today, Vox reported that HIS requested in an e-mail that Brown “either remove the pix or blur the faces” because the photographs violated the server’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Before the original site went offline, Brown put out a call for residents’ photos of Georgetown students. “If you can get some pictures without confronting the offenders, please do so and we’ll being posting as soon as I find a more aggressive server who’s up for a 1st Amendment lawsuit,” Brown wrote.

Brown claims that Blogspot edition of his site “is totally legit.”

On the latest post, he doesn’t waste any time to beat his chest a bit, while making some bizarre claims about his life and the success of the site.

“I am one of the few people in the world who is ‘persona non grata’ in the State of Israel and proud of it!!! So if you don’t like this site, tell it to God (or in this case, [Google CEO] Eric Schmidt)” Brown wrote in his latest post. “I am getting requests for footage from ‘Inside Edition’ so …thanks…and welcome to ‘Drunken Georgetown Students’!”

“I apologize to students who are doing a great job at Georgetown University and doing something,” Brown said. “But those drunks in my alley—fuck ’em.”

After the jump, read Brown’s latest rants:

Brown’s last update on www.drunkengeorgetownstudents.com:

******If you can get some pictures without confronting the offenders, please do so and we’ll begin posting as soon as I find a more aggressive server who’s up for a 1st Amendment lawsuit. Be careful, drunken persons are frequently violent and unreasonable so “reasoning” with them isn’t a great plan. Keep your distance! Also, make sure you document every incident as we need documentation to prevent our neighborhood from becoming another bar zone.

Brown’s first post on drunkengeorgetownstudents.blogspot.com:

At 7PM tonight, my server was pressured by I guess Georgetown University and and some folks who don’t want their pictures on the web to take down the suddenly popoular site: “http://www.drunkengeorgetownstudents.com.” We’re cooking again here on blogspot.

Additional reporting by Cole Stangler.

70 Comments on ““Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot

  1. Shouldn’t you be working in the middle of the day on a Thursday?

  2. I’m just kidding ya’ll!! LOL! Lets par-TAY, keggerzzz 2nite on Stephen Brown’s lawn!!!

  3. @ Georgetown Resident,

    The more you and neighbors like you speak, the better you make the students look.

    For starters, all private education is, in a sense “pay to play,” at least to the extent that you have to pay to enroll. (I guess by your definition, going to a movie is also “pay to play” because you have to pay in order to receive a service. Come to think of it, that’s how our entire economy works. Anyway…) Do you think that no one should attend a private school because it is a “scam”? Are movie theaters “scams” too, because you have to pay to get in?

    You sound like you know a good deal about the coke at Smith Point. I personally have no idea where Smith Point is, so I’ll have to take your word on that. Anyway, I don’t do drugs.

    Finally, you refer to all of the students who take the time to debate these issues as “children.” I think it is worth pointing out here that: (1) you are also on this same website—a website that I add is maintained by students—debating these same issues, and (2) you’re actually engaging with us. Do you really fight with “children” in your free time? Shouldn’t you be at work right now? Your job (and life, in general) are pretty unfulfilling, aren’t they?

  4. Don’t worry, your not alone in hating Georgetown students. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other menopausal, child-less virgins in the area. Enjoy the rest of your years!

  5. You too Mr. Brown, especially with all those cats! I hope your job as an AU professor was a full-filling one!

  6. I say we invite Mr. Brown to take pictures of us at Georgetown Day tomorrow! Whose with me?

  7. @megan berard: that is some really funny sht. touche!

  8. It’s okay, we know you cry yourself to sleep at night and use your tears as lube while surfing chatroulette. You’re probably an alcoholic yourself, but are projecting onto younger, smarter, healthy individuals that you envy. Sorry you’re too stupid to psychoanalyze yourself, sport.

  9. Menopausal, child-less virgin alcoholic chatroulette addict

    I am so ashamed! C’mere kitty. Let’s go spy us some co-eds.

  10. http://srbphoto.zenfolio.com/p801347366

    I’m assuming that when he was told to censor photographs, he forgot that the same images he uses on his drunkgeorgetownstudents are located on his professional website (for example img 1977) on zenfolio. As some people captured in his photos would most likely NOT sign a waiver to be included in his failed money making adventures in photography (an amazon ranking lower than that of Heidi and Spencer Pratt personal photography), I believe that Mr. Brown should act accordingly and censor/remove the same photos.

  11. At the most recent campus plan meeting, one neighbor actually argued that her interest was in “diversity” in their community (some families, some students, etc.). From Stephen Brown’s website, here’s a photo of what counts as “diverse” in Burleith: http://srbphoto.zenfolio.com/p801347366/h287c29f3#h67ea765

    There’s old, and there’s older. There’s white, and there’s whiter.

    (I think I see a black lady towards the back, but she’s standing with Jeanne Lord, so I assume she’s with the University.)

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  13. Including keeping up the uncensored photos on his website, he’s got this “Cranky Neighbor” gem:


    A picture of some sort of screen (perhaps abutting his property?):




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  15. I don’t think the drunken rowdy noisy behavior the neighbors are objecting to would be accepted on campus either. Certainly no one would claim that the complaints of students about noisy, drunken and rowdy students on campus should be ignored simply because “They chose to live here.” Certainly no one would dream of ganging up on the campus police for dealing with the subject of the complaints. It would be more likely that students would object if actions were not taken to restore the Peace or other students threatened for making a complaint.

    I do recall that GTU completely turned around on this very issue – like twelve years ago- when a neighbor videotaped a really raucus party and then taped the nice quiet totally peaceful campus at the same time of Saturday nights. The Board was OUTRAGED. They believed the reputation of the University was ,um, valuable to students past present and future. The Administration swore they had “no idea” things were so out of hand a few blocks off campus. I don’t know that anyone believed the Administration had no idea, since they had been told over and over, but for whatever reason, the Administration was changed. I don’t think that tack will work any better this time.

    The University is in a residential neighborhood, and by Municipal Regulaltion 210.2 states clearly any University may not disrupt or even “create conditions that may become objectionable” in residential areas, SO: if people are objecting, the University is in violation of DC Law.

  16. Fred, your comparison is ridiculous. No one is saying that raucous behavior is acceptable, on campus or off. Unfortunately, many residents are not calling for better behavior, they’re trying to drive all students out of the neighborhood, even the ones who are ideal neighbors. Bad behavior is unacceptable, whether or not you’re a student, and if you really believe so, you’ll condemn Brown’s stalking of students and his incendiary rants.

    By the way, the main reason that relations improved in the late 1990s was because two of the most dishonest and hostile neighborhood activists were defeated by students in the ANC elections of 1996. As a result, some more moderate voices arose from the neighborhood, and for a while many neighborhood leaders actually focused on issues of behavior and home safety, instead of mindless attacks on everything related to GU.

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