This Week’s Voice: Georgetown’s Emergency Response Plan

In Features, Will Sommer investigates how the University responded the security risk created after an anonymous person threatened “to commit ‘mass murder’ inside the Bunn Intercultural Center threat in late 2007.” At the time, the chain of command failed. Why? The University’s executive leadership was in Rome at a meeting.

The Ed Board praises the campus community for a united reaction to Stephen R. Brown and his website, “Drunken Georgetown Students.”

In News, Holly Tao reports that military veterans at Georgetown are still disappointed with the University’s financial aid policies, despite a recent increase in aid towards veterans.

In Leisure, Nico Dodd reminds us all why last weekend’s Climate Rally on the Mall might’ve been the best concert D.C. has seen in years.

In Sports, Tim Shine covers the most exciting women’s lacrosse game you will ever read about.

Voices publishes a call-to-arms written by Jared Watkins about the need for a stronger student response against recent sexual assaults.

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