Director of Public Safety Jeff Van Slyke Eliminated?

According to sources within the Department of Public Safety, Director Jeffrey Van Slyke, he of the assault rifles and  alleged police brutality and racial profiling, has lost his job. According to sources who declined to be named because they were not permitted to talk to the press, Van Slyke’s position was eliminated.

“I’m an operator,” said Vice President for University Safety Rocco DelMonaco, who is said to be taking Van Slyke’s controlling position over DPS after the Director job is eliminated. He added that he is sure Van Slyke will find another job.

6 Comments on “Director of Public Safety Jeff Van Slyke Eliminated?

  1. On second thought, I feel sorry for him. I hope he gets another job and finds peace.

  2. Give Bill Daddio this job. A well liked professor who is also a former chief of a federal police force… far too logical.

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  4. He has more peace than you will ever find buddy!

  5. Michael– It sounds like you need help and counseling!

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