Georgetown Final Four ring sells on Ebay for $1,450

Let’s hope that memories do last forever, because one member of the Georgetown’s 2007 basketball team just sold his Final Four ring.

According to the Ebay listing, the “guaranteed 100% authentic” ring is made of solid 10-carat gold and belonged to a player whose identity “will not be revealed.” However, the seller promised that the ring was engraved with a player’s name and uniform number.

The price to find out the mysterious player’s identity? Only $1,450.

Vox guesses that somewhere out in the world, a very rich Georgetown fan will be a bit disappointed when he discovers that he didn’t buy Roy Hibbert or Jeff Green’s Final Four ring. (Call it a hunch, but the two NBA first-round draft picks probably don’t need the extra cash.)

For those of you who don’t remember (or worse, don’t care), the 2007 men’s basketball team was one game away from playing for the NCAA Championship until Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr. stomped on the hearts of every hopeful Hoya.

A tip of the hat to Casual Hoya for originally posting about the Final Four ring last week.

2 Comments on “Georgetown Final Four ring sells on Ebay for $1,450

  1. My guesses: Tay Spann or Vernon Macklin.

    I would add Jeremiah “3-point shots off the side of the backboard” Rivers, but with his dad coaching in the NBA, I doubt he needs the money.

  2. None of the assistants on that team are still at Gtown.

    Could be Burke who unceremoniously departed Georgetown last year, or Broadus, who might need some cash now that he has been blacklisted from college basketball.

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