On the field and in the newsroom, Voice staffers dominate

Vox was kicked off the Voice squad after failing to shave his sideburns.

Just a day after the Voice vanquished the Hoya in a nail-biter of a softball game, Georgetown’s rival newspapers met once again to do battle over the annual Bunn Student Journalism Awards. And The Voice managed to secure another victory, winning 10 awards to the Hoya‘s 8—including 5 of the 6 first place awards—and sweeping the features category.

The winning articles and photos are all really quality work, so if you’re looking to procrastinate a bit on your studying (and really, who isn’t?) take some time to check them out after the jump!


  1. Bloggers gone wild” by Juliana Brint (Voice)
  2. Expectations meet reality in year one” by John Thornburgh (Hoya)
  3. The road not taken: Life in the Society of Jesus” by David Gregory (Voice)


  1. Pride and prejudice: LGTBQ at Georgetown” by Chris Heller (Voice)
  2. A charter across the Anacostia” by Will Sommer (Voice)
  3. To catch the wind: Georgetown Sailing tacks and jibes” by Tom Bosco (Voice)


  1. GU vets given less aid than peers” by Galen Weber (Voice)
  2. String of break-ins may date to 2005” by Ben Buchanan (Hoya)
  3. Sex Positive Week returns without controversy” by Cole Stangler (Voice)


  1. Fall Fashion” by Emily Voightlander (Voice)
  2. Chris Wright” by Jackson Perry (Voice)
  3. “Photo from Sept. 15, 2009″ by Nick Troiano (Hoya)


  1. Wild Things will make your heart sing” by Chris Heller (Voice)
  2. Watercolor exhibition explores the world’s darkest days” by Julia Maddera (Hoya)
  3. Simple, timeless love story makes magic on screen” by Vince Balanzo (Hoya)


  1. Rising program prepares for Nationals” by Michael Palmer (Hoya)
  2. Georgetown die-hard an integral part of fan base” by Kevin Wessel (Hoya)
  3. A relationship built on trust” by Ryan Travers (Hoya)

7 Comments on “On the field and in the newsroom, Voice staffers dominate

  1. A solid performance. You make all Voice alums proud.

  2. Hmm, interesting how there are no awards for which I qualify. You would think that the Bunn Awards would be progressive enough to have a “Best Canadian Mellow Rock Band You Can Hear While Waiting for your Peanut Butter Cup Perfection from Cold Stone Creamery” category. I hope Voice staffers can rally together to correct such an injustice (I smell an opportunity to chain oneself to the Hoya office). As far as journalism goes, did the Bunn judges not see my brilliant rundown of how great our concert was going to be for the 9 April Concert Calendar? And what about the job I do keeping these wannabe Rockstars at Vox honest? And who can forget my insightful and constant commentary about photographs? I mean, look at those photographs! And I don’t want to hear “someday, somehow gonna make it all right but not right now” from these judges. I want my due recognition now.


    PS I also noticed that none of the winning sports articles were about my good friend Tiger Woods. What is up with that? He’s like the only black guy that’s been to a Nickelback concert on his own free will, isn’t that newsworthy?

  3. the tiger woods reference is very astute

  4. Congratulations to Chris Heller on the win for the LGBTQ feature, in particular. I really appreciated the article, and it was my pleasure to be a part of it. Congratulations to all the other winners as well, good work all around!

  5. how come you guys didn’t get anything in sports? slackin off yo….

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