GU Med School cadavers force closure of Maryland funeral home

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Sun reported that a Maryland inspector found 40 body bags—and their occupants—illegally stored in the garage of a Prince George’s County funeral home.

The shocking part of the story? Many of the bodies came from Georgetown’s School of Medicine.

The University contracted the Chambers Funeral Home & Crematorium “to take its anatomical donor remains for cremation,” according to Sun reporter Jacques Kelly, who spoke with Dean for Medical Education Stephen Ray Mitchell.

“The School of Medicine’s contract with the Chambers Funeral Home specifically outlines the school’s requirements that the remains be treated in a ‘respectful and organized manner.’ It appears that this was not the case in this instance,” Mitchell wrote in a released statement.

William Chambers, a co-owner of the funeral home, claimed that the contract’s specifics lead to many bodies being delivered at once, hence the pile of bodies.

“It was agreed to, but discouraged,” Chambers said of the deliveries, according to the Sun.

(Editor’s note: Here’s where you stop reading if you’re eating now, plan to eat soon, or ever want to eat again.)

According to the state inspector’s notes, the body bags were discovered in a “large pile, approximately 12 by 12 feet … on the floor of the garage in front of a removal van.”

The inspector also noticed “visible leakage from the body bags” and noted the “a pungent odor” that presumably came from the decaying bodies.

(Editor’s note: GROSS.)

Photo from Flickr user photographybycalvincropley used under a Creative Commons license.

4 Comments on “GU Med School cadavers force closure of Maryland funeral home

  1. Oh, so this is where all the Plan A protestors have disappeared to!

  2. let this be a lesson:

    do NOT fuck with todd olson.

  3. That is a really disgusting and hateful thing to say. To be pleased at the way that these remains are being treated and to laugh about the idea of them being your classmates is disturbing.

  4. @ @Pleased

    That is a really disgusting and hateful thing to say. To be offended at a silly comment on the Vox blog and to get self-righteous about the idea of someone making a stupid joke is disturbing.

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