Let’s meet F2F: Georgetown’s missed connections

While Vox reworks Date Lab: Georgetown, we’re going to divert our interests towards another romantic endeavor—Craigslist!

As anyone who has spent copious amounts of time online knows, Craigslist’s  “Missed Connections” forum is rife with anonymous love letters, penned by men and women who use the internet to find their soulmates. (Or at least, to track down that one jaw-dropping hottie they saw last week on Prospect St.)

So yet again, we’ve decided to play matchmaker for Georgetown’s most lovelorn. And of course, you’re invited to help track down the future couples in the comments.

Vox doesn’t know who “Kristen from NJ” is, but we’ve got advice for her secret admirer: Just ask her out, dummy!

“Dad, how’d you meet Mom?” “Well honey, she caught my eye with the sweet, sweet sounds of Boyz II Men—the rest was history.

Someone was looking for a bit more exercise than Yates’ elliptical can provide.

Check out the rest of Georgetown’s Missed Connections after the jump.

Does this poster expect to get a response with this vague listing? Step up your game, buddy.

Ah, the tiki bar at Thirds. Is there any better place to meet a future sexual partner?

17 Comments on “Let’s meet F2F: Georgetown’s missed connections

  1. With the Missed Connections you featured and Mike’s addition, it seems Georgetown’s gay guys seem to miss connections a LOT. Do better, boys.

  2. @mike

    Now that’s a Missed Connection. Good catch—I’m ashamed that I missed it when I was putting the post together.

  3. Second Missed Connection sounds an awful lot like Chad Kroeger, what with talking about saying goodbye to yesterday and the like…

  4. (and I place the blame entirely on him for my ability to spot a quote from a Nickelback song in any sentence I read)

  5. Since my stats final is tomorrow, why not make some iffy statistical conclusions from our small sample (n=6):
    1. Only boys post on missed connections.
    2. Assuming that about 10% of the boys in the total population are gay/bi (though I’d wager it’s more like 20-25% at Georgetown), gay/bi boys have a 20 TIMES higher posting rate on Missed Connections
    3. and oh crap, can’t remember how to use distribution intervals with this data, or how to determine if the results are statistically significant. Back to TEH books.

  6. I just like the fact that it’s only guys posting on here…as others have said, small sample size to be sure, but either gtown ladies don’t miss connections, or they have too much pride to post on craigslist…


  8. You think the Missed Connections are funny? Try this:

    1. Go to Craigslist DC, men looking for men
    2. Type in “Georgetown”
    3. Enjoy reading all the desperate posts from “straight guys” just looking to fuck around with other “straight jock bros.”

    It’s cool, what’s a blow job between friends*?

    *Straight, bro friends. They swear.

  9. just wanna reference five year old memes

  10. I feel like James O’Donnell is going to spend the rest of his career regretting using the expression “f2f.”

  11. I gotcha covered chad and @chad…classic

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