Comments of the Week: The end is near

“janehoya” had a question for the new DPS boss Rocco DelMonaco:

So does this mean DPS will stop breaking up parties of 5 people while girls get robbed at knife-point down the street?

“Madame Psychosis” thought that a late-night crêpe run wasn’t such a bad idea:

A fluffy crepe with melting nutella seems like a much more appealing midnight snack than flaccid greasy pizza

But “Hermione” took offense to her attack on Georgetown’s favorite drunk food:

Madame Psychosis-

Talk to me after you’ve shotgunned eight beers and then we’ll see who claims to like crepes better than pizza.

“Alex” suggested another on-campus study spot:

If you are doing work that doesn’t require a power outlet – reading, studying from notes, etc. – setting up at one of the leather couches near the elevators on the upper floors of ICC is a great quiet spot.

“todd olson” thought something suspicious was happening with all those GU Med School cadavers:

let this be a lesson:

do NOT fuck with todd olson.

“stats finallllll” applied her knowledge to analyze Georgetown’s Missed Connections:

Since my stats final is tomorrow, why not make some iffy statistical conclusions from our small sample (n=6):
1. Only boys post on missed connections.
2. Assuming that about 10% of the boys in the total population are gay/bi (though I’d wager it’s more like 20-25% at Georgetown), gay/bi boys have a 20 TIMES higher posting rate on Missed Connections
3. and oh crap, can’t remember how to use distribution intervals with this data, or how to determine if the results are statistically significant. Back to TEH books.

“Civil Disobedience” defended the actions of the students who were arrested during the immigration rally:

I have read and studied Thoreau’s definitive essay on the topic. I don’t, however, eat up definitions I’m fed and regurgitate them back out, therefore allowing them to remain stagnant. All that we learn is subject to different interpretations and change.

If someone uses the exact definition of the words “civil disobedience” to name an act that doesn’t inhibit the implementation of the policy or law they’re protesting but rather to shed light on an injustice and remind the government that we want this country to be a country who respects people not simply because they’re legal Americans, but because they’re people, and the protestors succeed in getting attention, then I do think this was an effective act of civil disobedience. It’s not a matter of self-righteousness.

It’s a matter of doing something about your beliefs rather than just reading about other people who did something about theirs.

“Keith” pushed the Jesuits to get more involved with shaping Georgetown’s curriculum:

I like the ideas that are thrown in by the Jesuits, but I think that they should get involved in the ‘nitty-gritty’ of academic development. As individuals they are all respected for being intelligent and pious people, and they are the founders of the identity.

If we want to truly live the Catholic identity of this university, the first step is not to sideline the men who have dedicated themselves to living that identity!

And “M” sternly reminded him that Georgetown’s Catholic identity isn’t for everyone:

As a reminder, 50% of this school isn’t Catholic. It’s easy to say that Georgetown shouldn’t sacrifice it’s Jesuit ideals for money/students/image/prestige/whatever, but let’s be honest: if we left our rigorous admissions standards in place, and then the size of this campus shrank to 5,000 undergrads (so we leave some Protestant, Hindu, and Jewish students in place), the only beneficiary would be the CAG.

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  1. Snubbed yet again. It’s okay, I’ve got plenty of Juno Awards (12 to be exact), so I don’t need your weekly approval (though I think we all know I deserve it). Anyways, I don’t have time for this. Tiger says he needs a neck massage and I don’t abandon friends in need.


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