Georgetown not the only D.C. school plagued by fires

Fire, the specter that has haunted Georgetown’s campus all year, broke out this weekend at the house of George Washington University sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. In a rare turn of events, however, there actually was a fire this time.

Figures. Of course another D.C. school would try to show us up.

Deputy Fire Chief Timothy Gerhart told GWU’s The Hatchet that the fire started in one room of the house. Papers and books caught fire, but the flame was so small that the overheard sprinklers were not triggered. Firefighters threw the burning materials from the room through a broken window and quickly contained the fire.

As of now it is uncertain what caused the fire, but the remaining occupant of the room, who will stay with friends for the remainder of the year, claimed not to be home at the time it started. (However, some gossips on Twitter were quick to theorize about its cause.)

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services spokesman Pete Piringer reported that the damage could cost up to a few thousand dollars, an estimate that includes a broken window, water damage, and fire damage. Sounds familiar …

Photo by the GW Hatchet.

2 Comments on “Georgetown not the only D.C. school plagued by fires

  1. Proving that there are college students more stupid than Georgetown freshmen.

  2. Good thing I read that Twitter speculation — I was just about to set my notes ablaze on my living room floor, but now I know that indoor fires have the potential to cause thousands of dollars of damages. Thanks, Vox!

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