SFS-Qatar graduates second undergraduate class

Last Saturday, Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service-Qatar graduated its second undergraduate class. President John DeGioia was on hand to award diplomas to the 31 members of the graduating class.

In his keynote address, DeGioia told the graduates, “Commencement is a beginning, a stepping forward into a world that desperately needs your skills, your dreams and your passions.”

The ceremony had its own political celebrity sighting when Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar, arrived for the ceremony along with members of the Qatari Royal Family. (Editor’s Note:  For all of you non-SFSers, this is akin to the Obama family showing up at commencement.)

The Class of 2010 had 23 International Politics majors and 8 Culture and Politics majors, the only two majors currently offered by SFS-Q.  The graduates also represented 11 countries, such as Mauritania, Poland, and the U.S., and a handful of Middle Eastern states.

This also marked the end of the first year SFS-Q was without its founding dean, James Reardon-Anderson, who returned to the main campus this year.

Photo by the Gulf Times.

6 Comments on “SFS-Qatar graduates second undergraduate class

  1. Oy, a DeGoia commencement speech? thats bleak…

    Still, congrats to the 31 graduates.

  2. “you’ll notice that 6 of you have blue stickers on your diplomas. please stand up now.”

  3. How many times do you think Jack used the word “global” or some derivation thereof (globalism? globalization?)? I would set the over-under at twenty.

  4. Hey guys, stop it. Words can hurt too.

  5. Yeah, it’s like Obama showing up to our graduation — which I’m sure he would, if he were related to 40% of the graduating class.

    That’s right, apparently 40% of SFS-Q is made up of al-Thanis (aka, the royal familiy).

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