Morso set to open this Thursday

Morso, Georgetown’s newest Mediterranean restaurant, is finally set to open tomorrow at 5 p.m. Located at 3277 M St., Morso will specialize in small Turkish plates, such as flatbreads, wraps, and mezes.

Last April, the Voice reviewed Morso, highlighting the restaurant’s quirky head chef, Ed Witt, and his devotion to local, sustainable food sources.

“We’re focused on quality and affordable food,” Witt said to the Voice. “It won’t be the cheapest, but it’ll certainly be the highest quality around.”

Morso’s sister restaurant, Morso Express, has been up and running since late March. Vox visited Morso Express when it opened, only to be underwhelmed by its offerings.

But, we have a confession to make: we’ve popped into Morso Express from time-to-time and the food’s gotten better. These days, the toppings nicely complement each dish, while the meat rarely tends to be overcooked. (Which is a far cry from when we first visited.)

Interested in eating at Morso? Make your reservations online at Open Table.

Image from Morso Express’s Facebook page.

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