Has Georgetown weathered the rotten economy?

After many stores closed their doors in recent months, it seemed that the recession had finally hit Georgetown. However, many this summer’s grand openings may be a sign that our cozy little corner of the District has pulled itself out of the depths of recession.

Two of the newest additions to the Georgetown shopping scene are Camper and Charm. Camper, which is located at 3219 M St., is a Spanish line of shoes for men, women, and children. This is the first Camper store in DC.

Charm, which recently opened at 2910 M St., is an accessories boutique with a wide range of products, including purses, jewelry, and travel accessories..

When you consider all of the new businesses in Georgetown (Morso, Crepe Amour, Serendipity 3, Apple Store, and now Camper and Charm), those pesky rumors about Chop’t and Good Stuff moving into the neighborhood, and even the expansion of Moby Dick and the reborn Ristorante Picolo, it appears that Georgetown consumers are ready opened their hearts—and their wallets—once again.

Image from Flickr user M. V. Jantzen used under a Creative Commons license.

3 Comments on “Has Georgetown weathered the rotten economy?

  1. Piccolo isn’t a new restaurant. It was in Georgetown for years, but closed down after a fire. I believe the “new” Piccolo is merely the post-fire reconstructed one.

    Georgetown Metropolitan has a new link that features some of the “soon to come” rumored businesses as well.

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