Comments of the Week: Everyone wants the Georgetown Barbie

@Doug gave his prediction as to when Vox will be giving this to a commenter:

It might be a while, given that there will be little Plan A news, little SAC vs GUSA news, and Mr Brown has pretty much packed up his website. I’m assuming there will be a lull in news over the summer, and so there will be a lull in comments (but, damn, I want that Barbie so I might start picking up my anonymous post count)

Assistant Editor Julie Patterson isn’t worried that she can’t get the prize:

Good thing I already own Gtown Barbie. And good thing that I am disqualified anyway.

Jacob reminded us of the poor economy:

It’s a sad day when Americans lack the money to sue each other.

Doug made sure we understood how the ANC operates:

Listen, I’m as much of ANC-skeptic as anyone else. But sending strongly worded letters is what the ANC does. I think it’s expected that once it reaches a decision, it has a duty to the neighborhood to advocate for that position. Feel free to disagree with the decision, but their advocacy is to be expected. Their methods are a natural extension of their decision.

Dixie’s singles liquor license worried Jacob:

One cannot be too careful when it comes to the dispensing of fine liquors. We know of several Georgetown students who possess boorish manners and have partaken in the drinking of our servants cooking sherry.

Eileen didn’t understand why people believed the lying Harvard student:

This looks like the CV of a professional academic who’s had a PhD for at least three years…the idea that ANYONE would buy it as a brand-new grad’s resume is completely laughable.

CF might consider becoming a copy editor for Vox:

does anyone proofread these blogposts or do you guys just go for it? Check one more for grammatical/spelling/awkward wording mistakes for this blog under new management

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