Fresh off its reopening, ‘Social Safeway’ plans for more construction

Safeway’s reopening at the beginning of May may have brought a new face to the grocery store, but it seems they has even more changes in store for us—plans revealed last week by Georgetown Metropolitan show future redevelopment of several stores in the immediate area surrounding Safeway.

The first major change to the shopping center will be the construction of a new building on the plot of grass to the south of the new Safeway. It is unclear as of yet what this building will house, but the GM notes that the concept art looks similar to a CVS.

The building next to Safeway, currently home to an Einstein Bros Bagels and a pawn shop, will receive a “re-skinning” to make the complex look more modern. The building will also feature some of the glass work seen in the new Safeway.

In addition to having the goods on the construction plans, GM laments these changes, arguing that they do not mesh with the architecture of the rest of Georgetown and that the fancy remodeling would likely force out current tenants.

For the record, Vox isn’t going to take sides, but could possibly be swayed if a certain pizza place is looking to rent.

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