Twuesday Tweetacular: When summer started, unofficially

Kristen Janiszewski figured out how to stop those pesky ANC complaints.

John Cooke lost a grisly battle against the rodent menace. (Next time, hunt down the rat king.)

Jake Sticka wooed New South, but only to use her for her wireless internet access. You cad!

We miss you too, Jennifer Colgan. Which is odd (and creepy!), since we’ve never met you.

Sam Ungar found a kindred spirit for the ANC’s strongly-worded resolutions. (Plus, a wig-wearing, mustachioed Ron Lewis would be a dead ringer for John Bolton.)

Former Vox editor Molly Redden didn’t think to call SNAP on a rude Burleith bugler.

C’mon Lane Elizabeth—won’t somebody please think of the children?

Don’t let any unemployed graduates see this, Alexandra Dudziuk, or you might be bludgeoned out of spite.

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