News Café will close Saturday, reopen as Thunder Burger next week

Earlier today, FoBoBlo reported that News Café on M St. will close this Saturday, only to be reopen as Thunder Burger & Bar.

Big changes are coming to the soon-to-be-former Italian restaurant—News Café General Manager Ryan Clarke told Vox that the ownership is just about the only thing that isn’t going to change at the restaurant.

When it reopens “on Thursday night or Friday night next week,” Thunder Burger & Bar will depart from News Café’s cozy, date-friendly atmosphere with a completely new interior, customized bar, and kitchen.

“We like innovating. We’ve been an Italian restaurant for 12 years. There are six different Italian restaurants in [the immediate area]; we decided that it’s gotten a bit stale,” Clarke said. “We decided to do something different.”

Thunder Burger & Bar plans to specialize in 10-ounce, grass-fed beef burgers, but will also offer venison, bison, Kobe beef, salmon, and portobello mushroom burgers. Clarke added that the restaurant hopes to make tuna burgers and veggie burgers soon after opening.

(And fret not, of-age denizens of Georgetown. The restaurant’s bar will be stocked with 23 beers on tap, with a focus on American craft beers.)

“We’re going to have a fully rounded-out menu, but 95% of the focus will be on the burger,” he said.

Clarke claims that Thunder Burger & Bar is unlike DC’s established burger joints—Good Stuff, Five Guys, and BGR, to name a few—because it’s aim is not to become a fast-food restaurant.

“We want to bring quality burgers back to a sit-down restaurant with a sit-down experience,” he said.

Photo taken from News Café’s website.

10 Comments on “News Café will close Saturday, reopen as Thunder Burger next week

  1. ARGH… this was my frequent restaurant for first dates… someone find me a new one

  2. Thunder Burger sounds like a pretty clear indication of what’s about to happen to your digestive system

  3. Never thought much of the food, this will be a welcomed change

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  7. Right, because burgers are new and innovative.

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