Georgetown Missed Connections: The triumphant return

After some time off, Georgetown Missed Connections is back with a vengeance. We combed the deepest, darkest depths of Craigslist to track down this week’s cases of love lost in Georgetown. As always, let’s try to get these lovebirds together in the comments.

The graduation party had to be at a bar, right? Because otherwise, that’s one hell of an expert party crasher.

We really, really hope that “getting together” doesn’t involve the dog.

Great news, everybody! Ernest Hemingway is alive!

Have we seen this guy before? We’re not sure, but we think he might be the Boyz II Men Missed Connection from a while back. Keep at it, buddy.

We hope that “what it is [they] do” is something INSANE. Like, unicycling down M St. or something. WHO KNOWS.

We’ve heard a lot of euphemisms for alcohol in our day—booze, fire water, hooch, and stun gravy, to name a few—but we’ve never heard about “courage juice.” Is this a thing, you guys?

Do you think that there’s this huge population of people trolling Craigslist, attempting to convince strangers that they’re the subjects of various Missed Connections? Because otherwise, we don’t see why “let me know what I was wearing” is so common in these things.

2 Comments on “Georgetown Missed Connections: The triumphant return

  1. The Ernest Hemingway line has to be the best on Vox during your tenure, Chris. I enjoyed it immensely.

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