Comments of the Week: Bringing snarky back

“Fiore” regaled us with biting sarcasm, the undying feud between Georgetown students and residents, as well as a bit of basketball history:

Oh. My. God.
Where did this big university come from? They want to expand? I’m flabbergasted! I assumed it was still a small community of priests teaching a few dozen boys from Maryland and Virginia! And why can’t all students live in Old North. That’s what they did when I moved here in 1884, dammit! And I heard the peach baskets were replaced with metal circles.

When things got tense, “Hermione” stepped to Vox‘s defense:

Hey GT supporter,

Vox is a student-run blog, so when you call its writers Georgetown employees, “that’s actually inaccurate.” Go ahead and add Georgetown media to the list of things you don’t understand. You might be able to fit it between “How wind works” and “Making substantiated claims.”

“Chris” showed us that level-headed residents do exist:

For the record, Foxhall doesn’t hate Georgetown. Barely any students move out here and the forest between us and the Hospital blocks out any signs that the University even exists. Which is the reason most of us live here instead of in Burlieth.

Just wanted to establish this early on before our name gets dragged into the Burlieth/West Georgetown mix.

But, “i will not vote for you” reminded us that there are plenty of crazies out there:

and thank god there are the virtuous citizens who remind us how disgustingly awful the university actually is. Gosh, this Jesuit institution is sure going to burn in hell. Thank you citizens.

“Not Greg Monroe” had an idea crazy enough that it just might work:

I, for one, support Mister Alexander’s call for a board to enlist the opinion of neighbors. It is shocking that Burleith and Georgetown have no organizations or institutions established to transmit neighbor concerns to the University. These neighborhoods should have citizens associations and advisory commissions to effectively and vociferously engage the University over its positively Hitlerian desire to expand!

“Gross” had their doubts about the new Thunder Burger & Bar opening at the end of this week:

Thunder Burger sounds like a pretty clear indication of what’s about to happen to your digestive system

Chad Kroeger did not fail to deliver when he was nominated for winner of the 10,000th comment:


You want a Nickelback ticket? Hit me up brother, I can get that for you. What’s that? You want to go to the Hooters in Calgary with me before the show? I’d love to! And you want to hang out with me in the VIP lounge (aka my hotel room) afterward? Sounds great! You bring “the ladies” and I’ll bring all the finest Canadian Mist stirred whiskey and maple syrup that my credit limit will allow. It’ll be great, we’ll drink, talk about our insecurities, share hair bleaching techniques, heck we might even write a song. I’m trying to write a song with the cliche “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true” in the chorus. Think you can handle it? Give me a call!


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