Free for All: Is the World Cup over yet?

No really, is it? Who needs to watch games when 47 Facebook updates double as play-by-plays? If you’re one of the few Americans who has not succumbed to the belief that soccer is an interesting sport, or if you’re just sick of the World Cup, here are a few free events in the District to give you a breather from the Most Beautiful Game.

A Modern Delicacy

This Thursday, an exhibition entitled “Delicacies,” featuring 18 local artists, will be having a reception that begins at 6:30 p.m. What makes this art reception different from most others? It will be held at Biagio Fine Chocolate‘s tasting room. Does this mean there will be free chocolate? The event description doesn’t specify, but given its proximity to Dupont Circle (1904 18th Street NW), it’s worth stopping by to see.

Civilian Conservation Corps(e)

Opening tomorrow at the Civilian Art Projects Gallery (1019 7th Street NW) is “Exquisite Corpse,” a unique collaborative photo project wherein artists contribute their own piece to a sequence according to a pre-set rule or by viewing only the end of the previous artists’ contribution. To see what the artists have created, head to the opening reception which begins at 8 p.m. Pabst Blue Ribbon will be sponsoring this event, so there’ll be booze.

Pay It Forward

Every Sunday, Polo India Club, an Indian restaurant at 1736 Connecticut Avenue NW, serves up a whole lot more than just lunch. The restaurant’s innovative “Karma Club” operates on a trust system: there are no prices on the menu and when the check comes, it reads $0.00. How? It has been paid for by a previous diner. Staying true to its name, this event, from noon to 3 p.m. every Sunday, hopes that diners who have received a free meal will pass that kindness on to future diners. Read more about this cool concept over at the Washington Post.

Open Mic Night

This Sunday, local bookstore Presse will hold a poetry open mic night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. Come to read your own work or just listen! Presse Bookstore is located at 1614 Wisconsin Avenue NW.

Photo taken from lines and colors.

8 Comments on “Free for All: Is the World Cup over yet?

  1. @ Sara

    We’re on a limited schedule for the summer, but admittedly, I slacked off a bit this week. My apologies.

  2. Sick of the World Cup? Do you hate freedom too?

  3. You always say you’ve slacked off for a week. Stop slacking off.

  4. after reading the first couple of sentences of this post, i get the sense that the voice blog is only for Americans. enlighten me please so i can stop reading it if it is true

  5. @ foreigner and proud of it!

    Vox is for everybody, but those pesky Americans tend to drown everybody else out.

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